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Kill The White Man Round 2 Hilder vs Khalid Abdul Muhammad

This is a challenge.... Anthony Hilder Challenges the current leader of the Black Panther Party to an open debate. Haarlem or Madison Square Garden.

This is round 2 and is from the video "Kill The White Man" by Anthony J Hilder.

" America is on the brink of RACE RIOTS & REVOLUTION. The intent of the Cashist Cartel which has "engineered" the upcoming currency crash and race riots will attempt to establish a cashless controlled socialist society by Millennium 2000. Order out of chaos.

The Evilarchy that controls both houses of Congress through their political pimps and prostitutes along the Potomac, have passed "Leftislation" transferring more powers to the President and to the police than was given to Adolf Hitler before "his agents" burned down the Reichstag in 1933. A half-dozen alphabet agencies, like the ATF, CIA, FBI and the fascistic FEMA are on red alert -- waiting for the reoccurence of race riots and the imposition of Martial Law. From LA, Detroit, Chicago and Miami, the inner cities are ready to implode into tornados of terrorism.

Every day incidents erupt in our streets. Anyone if inflamed by the money monopoly's "managed media" or agent provacateurs could ignite a black/white race war to give Clinton and his comrades the justification to launch a full-scale military assault on the citizenry of the United States. This is "the plan" of the Faustian Financial Fraternity who consider Blacks and Browns to be "useless eaters." Once incarcerated in "privatized prisons" they could be used as slave labor to compete with Red China's Lao Gai "death factories."

Sound like madness? Absolutely! The Manhattan Money Mob has been underwriting "Hate Whitey" message movies for over forty years. They have burned bigotry into the brains of blacks, with a branding iron to the brain -- through films like Burn, Mandingo, Amistad and Roots. White sponsored black bigotry is a raw and ruthless reality.

Many who watch Kill the White Man made notice the "stricking similarity" of anger & attitude amongst the congregation in the church where Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad and I debated in South Central Los Angeles -- and that of Dr. Jeremiah Wright's church in Illinois where Sen. Barack Hussein Obama & his wife, Michele, attended for 20 years. Sen. Obama's pretense that he was totally unaware of Dr. Wright's "militant mindset" until THE BLACK RACIST ISSUE was raised during his compaign for the presidency is a shameful denial of reality. Racism is acceptable. It's freedom of choice, but Obama's turning his back -- on his own pastor & church to further his career shows Barack's lack of commitment, character & courage. Khalid had all three
©2008 Anthony J Hilder

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Added: Jul-22-2010 
By: anthonyjhilder
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