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Hello world! This is my first post but it is utmost important so please continue reading!
I have spent a great deal of time watching the newsreports from the papers around the world concerning Bin Ladens death and I've watched all the pressconferences from the White House and what strikes me as very very strange is that I haven't seen or heard one journalist asking the utmost important question to the spokesperson at the White House that I would have asked if I had been there and that is: "If the photos of Bin Laden soaked in blood with a bullet through his head and a bullet through his chest is to gruesome to show the world, then why don't you show the photo of Bin Laden washed clean and prepared for burial according to muslim traditions with no blood placed on a white linen?"
And if the bullethole through his head was to graphically violent so why don't just take a piece of cloth and cover the hole? Did navy seals use so heavy artillery that the face was unrecognisable? I doubt that. I think that would be a very smart and tactic move from the american government to show images presented in the way I described so that Taliban could see that their source of inspiration was in fact dead. And I also suggest that the White House could release photos from the burial cause I am 100% certain that they took lots of pictures of that too.
Maybe they have video-taped it too? The Obama administration promised that they would show proof that Osama Bin Laden was killed because they wanted Taliban and Al Quaida to really understand that their leader and inspiration had been killed. The White House has according to Reuters released pictures of three dead men that were in the house Osama Bin Laden was hiding and I think to myself after seeing the photos: "Could the photos of Osama Bin Laden be more gruesome than these photos?" I doubt that. Norwegian newspapers will not show the photos that Reuters has released because we have children that reads the newspapers, but the paradox is that we have computergames that shows more gore and violence than the photos of the three dead men... We have recently heard that Bin Ladens daughter has said that her father was taken down to the first floor and executed in front of her eyes. How about taking this girl to a lie detector test. I doubt that this little girl knows how to cheat a lie detector like us grown ups know how to. I think that it would be a smart move from the american government to transfer live this lie detector-test so that we don't get more speculations around this question: "Was Osama Bin Laden executed by the Navy Seals or was he shot because he resisted arrest?" I also find that strange that they said Osama was unarmed, but he resisted arrest so much that they had to shoot him in the head? They shot his wife in the leg even though she was armed and that's why I find it a bit strange that they shoot Bin Laden in the head instead of in the leg. Let's go over to my headline and my post here is not made cause I wanted to start any conspiracytheory, cause I know they will come anyhow and I don't like conspiracytheories cause they lack so much evidence.. The assault against the Bin Laden-compound was very well planned and the Obama-administration must have known that the world was gonna demand photos of a dead Bin Laden. I have now given my solution to satisfy this demand: Release photos of Bin Laden free of all the blood dead in a white blanket and release at least one photo or two of the burial at sea cause one thing is 100% certain and that is that such photos exist.
Osama Bin Laden is dead there is no doubt about that, just ask Osamas daughter, she has told it to the press that the americans killed her father. How could she say that if she hasn't seen her dead fathers body? Just like I said earlier: Let her take the lie detector-test and broadcast the whole seance live at f.ex CNN or another big tv-channel. Then Taliban and Al Quaida and the rest of the world can be convinced that Osama Bin Laden is dead. Feel free to comment my post, but please don't critisise my English, cause I'm norwegian! And please keep the comments at an adult an intelligent level! If you ask about my opinion about if it was right to kill Osama Bin Laden or not, I will say that it says in the holy scripture, the Bible: "A man who reach for his sword shall die by his sword". Have a wonderful life and all of you who have read this: "Live with passion and ask yourself everyday: "How can I contribute to make this world a better place to live?" Come up with good answers for yourself and start to act upon them and tell everyone you meet in your life to do the same! Greetings from NorwayEinStein :-)

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