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The NarcoCorridos ( Mexico Drug Ballads )

A Narcocorrido (Drug Ballad) is a type of Mexican music and song tradition which evolved out of the norteño folk corrido tradition. This type of music is heard on both sides of the US–Mexican border. It uses a danceable, accordion-based polka as a rhythmic base. The first corridos that focus on drug smugglers—the narco comes from "narcotics"—have been dated to the 1930s. Early corridos (non-narco) go back as far to the Mexican Revolution of 1910, telling the stories of revolutionary fighters. Other music critics have compared narcocorrido music to gangster rap.

Narcocorrido lyrics refer to particular events and include real dates and places.[2] The lyrics tend to speak approvingly of illegal criminal activities such as murder, torture, racketeering, extortion, drug smuggling, illegal immigration, and sometimes political protest due to government corruption.


Among the earliest exponents of narcocorrido music were Rosalino "Chalino" Sánchez . Known throughout Mexico as "El Pelavacas" (Cow Skin Peeler), El Indio (The Indian, from his corrido "El Indio Sánchez"), Sánchez was a Mexican immigrant living in Los Angeles. He then began distributing his music for a sale price. His lyrics composed of heartbreak, revolution, and socioeconomic issues. Soon he was selling mass copies.He shot to international fame after a show in Southern California during which a guy tried to assasinate him and he returned fire from the stage. Shortly thereafter, he was gunned down in Sinaloa.In death, he became a legend and one of the most influential musicians to emerge from California, he was known throughout Mexico and United States as El Rey del Corrido (The King of the Corrido).[3]

Various companies, governmental agencies, and individuals have sought to ban narcocorridos. These attempts include a voluntary radio station black-out in Baja California. Representative Casio Carlos Narváez explained that radio executives did not want to make "people who break the laws of our country into heroes and examples". Former President of Mexico Vicente Fox also proposed banning narcocorridos.

Violence in narcocorrido industry

Between 2006 and 2008, over a dozen prominent Mexican musicians, many of them connected to the narcocorrido genre, were murdered. The violence came in the midst of the Mexican drug war. The most popular musicians killed were Valentín Elizalde, and Sergio Gómez, the lead singer of Chicago-based Duranguense band K-Paz de la Sierra. In December 2007, both men were nominated posthumously for Grammy Awards in the banda category.[5] On June 26, 2010, Sergio Vega, known as El Shaka, was gunned down in Sinaloa state. He was shot dead only hours after he had denied reports of his own murder.[6]

While few if any arrests have been made in these cases, experts and musicians themselves say that the murders can be explained by many Mexican musicians’ proximity to drug traffickers.[7] Some speculate the killings could be related to romantic disputes and jealousy.

Others cite cases in which a musician writes a song praising or criticizing a drug trafficker. Many assert that Valentín Elizalde's murder, for example, was related to a song of his, "A Mis Enemigos," which some interpreted as an attack on the Gulf Cartel following its appearance in a widespread YouTube video. (VIDEO BELOW)

Narco anthems and their lyrical contents

Since music plays an important role and major influence in the narco culture, the following "rolas" (songs) have been tagged as "anthems" for such nature and have been banned from airplay in Mexico and parts of the United States. However, the banning has failed in Mexico because the music is somewhat still displayed and available on the web for listening and downloading. Pirated (Bootleg) copies of this music are sold in the "tianguis" (outdoor markets) at affordable prices.

Like rap/hip hop and other genres, Narcocorridos describe the lives of the poor, destitute and of those who seek power in a violent manner. However, unlike Hip-Hop and Rap music, narcocorridos are listened to by a large portion of Spanish speakers who greatly vary in age and is widely popular among people who are non-cartel or gang related. This is a genre that is becoming main stream in many Spanish speaking countries in recent years, it is now entering countries like Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia, Peru and Bolivia, countries of which at first had never heard of the genre in the past but are now playing the music on an everyday basis. Many of these described songs are based on real-life events as described at the beginning of the article. Also, some performers have composed songs either dedicated or tributing (besides drug cartel leaders) to some of the world's most controversial characters from Pancho Villa to communist revolutionary Che Guevara and even terrorist Osama Bin Laden.


"A Mis Enemigos" (To All My Enemies) by Valentín Elizalde a song which got him killed by the Gulf cartel

"Mis Tres Animales" (My Three Animals) by Los Tucanes de Tijuana refers to the 3 main types of narcotics "the parrot the rooster and the goat" (Coke, Weed and Heroin)

"Para Que Regreses" (So You Could Return) by El Chapo De Sinaloa- "Grammy Award Winner In Bands"

"Mafia Nueva" ( The New Mafia ) by El komander (Newschool NarcoCorridos)

(SOURCE : and Youtube )

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  • Wow, what a classy people and culture. Good thing we have rock solid border security to keep this trash out of the US....

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    • @jafll

      Their situation is not much different from Italy's Sicilian mafia back in the 50s. Corruption is Increasing the problem beyond bearable limits.

      Billions are being made off their drug trafficking and obviously some government officials really high up there are partaking in it.

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    • @Flash_Back the best part is when the mafia makes the money and the corrupt piece of shit politician starts with the crap about the united states being the biggest consumer fucking hipocrits.

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    • @rclark951 You should see and hear the fucking agenda Univision and Telemundo Have up their sleve, those channels tell imigrants what to do to take advantages in loopholes, Usually After the Novela you can see the news casts in spanish and you will be amazed at the kind of shit imigrants are being taught to do and to be aware of. Racial card is touted in those news casts.

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    • Comment of user 'rclark951' has been deleted by author (after account deletion)!
  • Obviously couldn't afford the Ferrari, ut only the jacket, in the last video.

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  • This is Mexico's version of Gangster Rap.

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  • Mexico's violence can all be tied to politics. When Calderon got into power he decided it would be wise to escalate the conflict against the cartels. Before Calderon was in power Mexico had its share of problems, but large scale violence was off the table. The drugs were getting out, the cash was getting in. The police were able to be paid off, and no one really had any problems. This drug war has been a political nightmare for Calderon and his party, and I think he knows that, but guys lik More..

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  • I despise this beaner shit!

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  • Crazy Culture...Giving the Natives what they want and making a nice piece of Cheddar doing it.

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