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Racist attack on BNP supporter by Asian. Dad murdered

This was sneaked away in my local newspaper under court updates. I thought it needed bringing to the attention of the rest of the country.


The devastated son of Keith Brown has given his account of a violent incident which led to his father's death.

Mr Brown, a 52-year-old father of seven, of Uttoxeter Road, Normacot, received a fatal stab wound outside his home on July 6 last year.

Ashley Barker, aged 20, this afternoon told a jury at Stafford Crown Court there had been a number of arguments between his family and the Khan family over an access road.

Habib Khan, aged 49, denies Mr Brown's murder.

He and one of his sons Azir Saddique, aged 24, of Trentham Road, Longton also deny wounding Ashley Barker.

Another of Khan's sons, Khazir Saddique, aged 26, also of Trentham Road, Longton has admitted wounding Mr Barker and has been remanded on bail.

Today Mr Barker denied being racist but admitted he had done some leafleting for the BNP.

He told the jury he was on the settee in the front room when he heard his mother screaming.

"I went to the front door and saw my dad on the floor, I think he was on his back in front of his van on the pavement.

"I saw two lads. One was leaning over, one was against my dad's van. I did not really think. I just ran out and grabbed hold of them. I was trying to get to my father.

"Then I was hit on the head. I have no idea what with or who hit me. I went to the ground.

"I can't remember much. I tried to crawl across to my old man. That is when house bricks were coming to my head."

Prosecutor William Davis QC asked, "did you see what was happening to your father."

"No," replied Mr Barker.

He said there had been numerous arguments between the two families over an access road to Khan's house.

"Our window was smashed a couple of times. We have been threatened in the past. Khan reversed his car into my dad's leg and my brother had a brick chucked on his head," he said.

Khan's council Anthony Barker QC said: "You hated them because they were Pakistani and they had done well.

"I have got an Asian mate," replied Mr Barker who admitted he has done some leafleting for the BNP and confirmed the party's leader Nick Griffin attended his father's funeral.

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