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PETA's Joanna Krupa-Angel for Animals-ADOPT-do not buy *GRAPHIC IMAGES*

Catholic Church is hopping mad about this PETA ad: But even the Pope was seen wearing fur, which was the product of animals even SKINNED ALIVE_still moving and living-a very common practice in China because the skin is easier to remove, not even giving it a thought about the agony these animals suffer. And when you buy fur, you too would care less about the pain and agony the animal victims went through. It may surprise you China will also label fur as "fake" or "faux" fur when tested are real fur garments-from skinned alive cats and dogs. CANADA knows about these cat and dog fur garments and is okay with them. They officially said they have no problem purchasing dog and cat fur coats.

If you wish to protest Canada buying cat and dog fur garments, please go to this Petition and sign-tell Canada to stop buying skinned alive cat and dog coats.

The Catholic Church may be offended by this video, but one thing you should remember about many Christians: They say very little, or nothing, about animals. Despite the fact that animals FEEL, express love, unconditional with their love, and feel pain, fear, and agony, just like we humans do-they call them "soul less" as though animals were robots. So that trivializes their suffering when humans exploit them for gluttony (farm factory cruelty), entertainment (dog fighting, hunting such as gathering trophy heads, bull fighting, rodeos, ETC), vanity (horrific fur-animals skinned alive literally for their skins), and greed. Christians are the ones who practice animal cruelty by trivializing them and their suffering: Gluttony and gobble down animals without giving a single thought or concern how their meal suffered, oftentimes treated in the most hideous manner imaginable-living in their own excrement and urine every day, the smell of ammonia burning their lungs from excrement, and often killed either boiled alive, in some cases, even skinned alive. Most don't care: They just eat their flesh of agony. And the Church has the audacity to call themselves "compassionate."

ONE THING WOMEN SHOULD KEEP IN MIND: Animal cruelty is linked to domestic violence. If a man is cold or non-caring, or shows hostility toward animals-chances are he's going to be an abusive individual and will be likewise toward children and you. So, yes, like she says, men who are kind to animals is a very important thing: How they treat animals is a good indication what kind of person they are.

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Added: Dec-5-2009 
By: cetude
Tags: PETA, Joanna Krupa, Angel for Animals, PETA's Joanna Krupa
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