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Hamas photo exhibition

This is a controversial photography exhibition,titled 'Hamas', by French photographer Frédéric Sautereau, which opened on Tuesday in the city Angoulême, France and has created public debate over the photographer's decision to document Hamas activity in Gaza.
In effort to document Hamas's activity in Gaza, Sauterea told Ynet that he has visited the Gaza Strip seven times since 2009. The exhibition is the final product of his visits and was organized by the Palestinian Solidarity Project.

"I decided to embark on this project because as a journalist I think it's important to understand Hamas and try and explain the organization's ideology and motives. Therefore, in my photos I try to present the political, military and social aspects of the organization," said Sauterea.

Explanations to the photos:

1) The Az al din al Kassam brigades, Hamas military wing patroling the border with Israel. The men come from different bacgrounds (teachers,shop owners,students) and serve 1-2 days a week.

2) El Nour park - was established on the ruins of the settlement of Netzarim.

3) Um Muchman and her son Muhamed (20)- Muhamed was injured and paralized in 2004, after been hit by Israeli chopper, which was engaging in military activity.

4) Coffee house in Gaza- According to Hamas request the place is hidden by a steel fence, so people from the street could not look inside...

5) Sabrina and her son - Her house was ruined during the Cast lead operation. she got a letter from Gaza authorities,like other 30 families, which prevents her to re-build her house.

6-7) Nassrin, with and with out her head scurf - She is a political activist for women rights in Gaza. She was bitten by Hamas policemen during a demonstration and her father was told by Hamas man to keep her away from political activites.
She was also been told she must wear the head scurf during her work.

8) Hatem is a barber, he also make hair cuts for women, even that according to Hamas a man is not allowed to do this with women. In 2007,2008 his barber shop was injured from bombs which were placed inside, but he says he has no intention to close his place.

9) Zayneb el Rumini is one of the few women today in Gaza which don't wear a head scurf- She is the head of the human rigfhts center in Gaza, which oppose many policies of Hamas in the strip. "Hamas is trying to impose it's religious rules quietly" she says.,7340,L-4214636,00.html

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    • @mphatik FROM HAMAS

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    • @mphatik

      If youll go over some of the photo explenations you might notice that today Hamas is much more annoying for many Gazans, much more than Israel is...

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    • @aydeo

      Israel created Hamas, to oust the uprising of the PLO Intifadas which were Israeli provoked anyway.

      All a game really Aydeo, we both know this. When I say free Gaza, I mean the innocents, mostly the woman and children.

      I don't want to get into the political mess, because Hamas was democratically elected at the end of the day. This is who the people wanted, so why not have another democratic election? Right, because the whole strip is BLOCKADED!

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