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State Dept Input Asked on Alleged Racketeering by BofA, Brian Moynihan, and refusal of SEC Schapiro, OCC Dugan, FBI Kaiser, Justice Dept Melson to En

Los Angeles, April 11- as part of the process of preparing Human Rights Alert report to the United Nations, due April 19, 2010, Dr Joseph Zernik, Los Angeles County, California resident, requested input by the UPR (Universal Periodic Review) office of the US State Department regarding allegations of racketeering by Brian Moynihan and Bank of America Corporation at the Los Angeles Superior Court, and refusal of senior US Officers to enforce the law. [1] The allegations of racketeering was based on false appearances of counsel who was not counsel of record on behalf of Bank of America Corporation, under false party designation of “Non Party”. Such false appearances started over two and a half years ago, and continue to this date, by Brian Cave, LLP. Further allegations listed in the request stated that under such false appearances Bank of America engaged in retaliation, harassment and intimidation of a witness, informant and victim, in obstruction and perversion of justice, and in money laundering. The allegations stated that such conduct, which was initiated under Countrywide Financial Corporation, was brought to a halt after the merger with Bank of America Corporation in July 2008, during the tenure of Mr Timothy Mayopoulos as General Counsel. However, within 24 hours after Mr Mayopoulos’s ouster on December 10, 2008, and his replacement by Mr Brian Moynihan, which was subject of various investigations, such conduct was resumed. Further involvement by Mr Moynihan was alleged in January 2010 – fraud in response by Bank of America Corporation on complaint on the matter to US Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (#00971981).
The request for input by the State Department provided a list of senior US Officers who were informed of the conduct of Bank of America Corporation but refused to enforce the law, including SEC Chair- Mary Schapiro, Comptroller of the Currency –John Dugan, FBI Assistant Director for Criminal Investigations – Kenneth Kaiser, and US Department of Justice Director Kenneth Melson.
Such conduct was alleged as part of pattern of abuse of the human rights of homeowners in courts across the United States by large financial institutions in recent years, and direct evidence of disrespect by the United States of its Human Rights obligations pursuant to ratified International Law.
Bank of America Corporation is recipient of some 200 billion dollars in bailout funds.
The 2010 UPR will be the first ever review by the United Nations of the Human Rights record of the United States. The US State Department is charged with communications with the United Nations on the matter.

[1] April 10, 2010 request for comments/input by US State Department on allegations of racketeering by Bank of America Corporation and Brian Moynihan in at the Los Angeles Superior Court, and refusal of law enforcement agencies to enforce the law.

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  • I just read this article and have no clue what I just read. It sounds serious though, whatever it is.

    Posted Apr-11-2010 By 

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    • The confusion you experience is not a bug, it's a feature.

      What is being alleged is that one of the largest and most 'respected' (feared?) law firms in the U.S. is engaging in a criminal conspiracy with one of the country's largest financial institutions.

      The fact that you can read the allegations laid out above without grasping their import means that the elaborate legal, educational, and regulatory obfuscation tactics are working like a charm.

      What's really sobering and deserves more than j More..

      Posted Apr-12-2010 By 

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  • Don't worry obama will fix everything!

    Posted Apr-11-2010 By 

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