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Canada's Justice System a Joke, nail the victim - slap the perp ..

Update: They've thrown the book at Brian with 7 charges under the criminal code of canada, and the thief is still not named, but has been charged with one count of theft.

EDMONTON — You don’t get much call for a posse these days. Not much use, really.
But just outside Bashaw, a farming town not much bigger than a few big city blocks, it seems the old ways are alive and well. There’s only one problem: That doesn’t sit too well with RCMP in the town, located northeast of Red Deer 30 minutes away.
A farmer is facing charges (updated: 7 charges under the Criminal Code for the farmer – thief’s have not been named and only one charge of theft for one of them) after he allegedly drove a thief off the road, shot him in the back with buckshot and then gathered a posse to track him down.
It’s a story the likes of which one Mountie says he has never seen before, featuring at least one car, two trucks, a 4X4 and a helicopter. Not to mention two crashes, three would-be thieves and, of course, one posse.
RCMP Staff Sgt. Darrel Bruno says here’s how it all went down. The farmer and his wife were sleeping Wednesday when they heard voices outside their house, about 25 kilometres southwest of town. In the yard, three men were apparently up to no good.
When the farmer dashed out to confront them, two of the men leapt into a truck and took off.
The third man chose another method of escape. A method that, sitting in a hospital bed recovering from gunshot and who-knows-what other wounds, you have to imagine he wouldn’t pick a second time.
Yessir, from here on, things go steadily downhill for man No. 3.
Spotting a 4X4 sitting by the house, the man jumped aboard and headed for the hills.
The farmer jumped into his own car and sped after him. He caught up to the fugitive about two kilometres down the road and bashed his car into the 4X4, sending both vehicles into the ditch.
“As the male culprit fled on foot, the 38-year-old farmer jumped out of his car and fired two rounds from a shotgun toward the culprit and struck him,” Bruno said. “The suspect continued to flee. The farmer called for assistance from local relatives and friends to search for the suspect.”
In other words, he gathered a posse. Which quickly did its job.
A member of the posse caught the wounded suspect down the road, brought him back to the others and left him for a minute propped up in his idling pickup.
Big mistake.
“The suspect slid over to the driver’s side and proceeded to steal the truck,” Bruno said.
But it was too late. What little luck man No. 3 might have had was long gone. The man lost control of the truck 100 metres down the road and crashed.
An air ambulance flew him to an Edmonton-area hospital. He remained there Thursday with non-life-threatening injuries.
Charges against him, his two alleged accomplices and the farmer are pending.
Reached at the local curling rink Thursday evening, Bashaw Mayor Bob Cammidge said he hadn’t heard a word about the shooting.
Folks at the local bar were the same, though one man could be heard in the background saying he liked the sounds of the story.
As for the Mountie, when asked if he had ever had a case anything like this one, he laughed.
“I don’t think so,” Bruno said.

They are trying to hang the farmer for protecting his property, and our leftist media is is in full support. They have not even named the thieve's and only one has been charged with one count of theft.

A website has been setup to help Brian with funding his defence costs here:

Good lesson learnt, next time just don't phone the cops, just shoot, shovel and shut up.

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