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'It flew down the pizza aisle': Five-year-old girl attacked by a rabid bat as she shopped with her mother at Walmart

A five-year-old girl has been attacked by a bat while shopping with her mother at Walmart.
The mammal flew at Zoe Zachrison in the frozen food section of the store in Cambridge, Minnesota, biting her on the left leg.

The little girl is now recovering after undergoing three rounds of rabies shots.
Drained: Five-year-old Zoe is undergoing painful treatment for the biteMother Holly Townley explained: 'She was sitting in the child part of the cart, minding her own business.'
'The bat flew down the pizza aisle, flew back at us, flew down and landed on her, attacking her and bit her leg.' More...'Sheriff' Steven Seagal denies shooting a puppy during his crimefighting reality show[/*]Riding their luck: 12ft Great White shark pictured in San Diego wave just feet away from oblivious surfers[/*][/list]Her left leg still has a mark from the bat bite.
Although doctors don’t know for sure whether or not the bat had rabies, they consider it rabid because bats don’t bite,
The attack itself was traumatising, but the treatment’s side effects are causing even more problems.

The concerned mother added: 'She had a 103-degree temp, very achy, sore joints — almost as if she were a 90-year-old man.
Concerned parent: Mother Holly says her daughter Zoe is 'traumatised'Mraket place: The Walmart store in Cambridge where the two encountered the unexpected visitor.'She’s very traumatised.'
After three trips to the emergency room, Holly asked Wal-Mart to help to pay medical bills, but she said they refused.

She said: 'I think Wal-Mart needs to step up and take responsibility for what happened to her. This was their store and this is their responsibility.'
The determined mother plans to take her claim to court, but for now is just trying to get Zoe back on her feet. She said: 'She’s scared. She refuses to go into stores, doesn’t want to leave the house.'.Bats do not normally bite so doctors fear it may have been rabidWal-Mart Senior Manager for Media Relations Dianna Gee said the store has a claims process for incidents within their stores.Gee said: 'We hired a pest management company, but have never had a problem with bats at that store. Management at that store is very concerned about the little girl,' 'It’s an unusual and unfortunate incident.'

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