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Egypt Christians Allege Torture Under Morsi Regime

Roughly a year after revelations the Muslim
Brotherhood had tortured Christian demonstrators at a Cairo mosque, more
Egyptians are coming forward, detailing abuse they endured during
Mohammed Morsi's presidency.
The torture allegations come as no surprise to Egyptians demonstrators brutally beaten by pro-Morsi Islamists.

CBN News contributor Raymond Ibrahim said many Islamists believe it's okay to torture an adversary.

"It all comes down to what is your intention?"
Ibrahim said. "Is your intention to empower Islam and if it is, then you
are exonerated...the idea of actually using terror once again via
torture in order to support the Islamist agenda has been going on for a
very long time."

Egypt's El Nadeem Center for Rehabilitation of
victims of violence recorded 359 torture cases during President Mohammed
Morsi's one year in office. That compares to 357 during the last 10
years of Hosni Mubarak's rule.
Arresting and prosecuting the abusers may not be a
top priority of Egypt's interim government at this time. Both the
Egyptian cabinet and the National Defense Council have called on
pro-Morsi demonstrators to disband their Cairo sit-ins.
Egyptian Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy says it's clear reconciliation cannot take place until the incitement to violence ends.

think it's also clear now that Egyptians are adamant about restoring
their normal life and that the insecurities that exist cannot continue
long term, but there is no desire to use force if there is any other
avenue that has any potential for success," Fahmy said.

supporters and other Islamists still blame Christians for the ouster of
the Muslim Brotherhood leader from the Egyptian presidency. Attacks
against Christians, especially in upper Egypt, continue unabated.
CBN News has received reports of fresh attacks that
took place Saturday, Aug. 3. Militant Muslims attacked homes and
businesses in three Christian villages near al Minya, where rioting
Islamists planted a black al Qaeda flag at a Coptic Orthodox church in
Egyptian Christians want Washington to pressure the interim government to do more to protect them.

And while most Egyptians say they love Americans,
they have little love or respect for President Barack Obama and U.S.
Ambassador to Egypt Ann Patterson.

"There's this feeling that is
very hostile to the American administration because they see them --
rightfully so -- as very biased to the Brotherhood, the Muslim
Brotherhood, and the Islamists in general because of this
administration's actions, especially in the person of the hated Ann
Patterson," Ibrahim explained. "So, it's really interesting to see how
this will develop on the diplomatic front."

Secretary of State
John Kerry has suggested that Obama appoint U.S. Ambassador to Syria
Robert Ford as the new Egyptian ambassador. But Egyptians are already
critical, fearing that Ford will bring civil war to Egypt -- just as he
did with Syria.

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