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Up-date on Malaysian Airlines B777-200 missing- MAS website

.Flight path of aircraft

An up-date on unfolding events from Malaysian Airlines website.....

The flight was carrying a total number of 239 passengers and crew –
comprising 227 passengers (including 2 infants), 12 crew members. The
passengers were of 14 different nationalities - citizens from:-

1. China – 152 plus 1 infant

2. Malaysia - 38

3. Indonesia - 12

4. Australia - 7

5. France - 3

6. United States of America – 3 pax plus 1 infant

7. New Zealand - 2

8. Ukraine - 2

9. Canada - 2

10. Russia - 1

11. Italy - 1

12. Taiwan - 1

13. Netherlands - 1

14. Austria - 1

This flight was a code share with China Southern Airlines.

Saturday, March 08, 09:05 AM MYT +0800 Malaysia Airlines MH370 Flight Incident - 2nd Media Statement
We deeply regret that we
have lost all contacts with flight MH370 which departed Kuala Lumpur at
12.41 am earlier this morning bound for Beijing. The aircraft was
scheduled to land at Beijing International Airport at 6.30am local
Beijing time. Subang Air Traffic Control reported that it lost contact
at 2.40am (local Malaysia time) today.
Flight MH370 was operated on a Boeing B777-200 aircraft. The flight
was carrying a total number of 239 passengers and crew – comprising 227
passengers (including 2 infants), 12 crew members. The passengers were
of 13 different nationalities. Malaysia Airlines is currently working
with the authorities who have activated their Search and Rescue team to
locate the aircraft. Our team is currently calling the next-of-kin of
passengers and crew.
Focus of the airline is to work with the emergency responders and
authorities and mobilize its full support. Our thoughts and prayers are
with all affected passengers and crew and their family members. The
airline will provide regular updates on the situation.
The public may contact +603 7884 1234. For media queries, kindly contact +603 8777 5698/ +603 8787 1276.

For the next-of-kin, please inform them to to Anjung Tinjau,
Level 5, KLIA. Our staff will be there to assist. Transport will be
provided to go to the South Support Zone Facility building for the
Or next-of-kin may head straight to the Support Facility Building at KLIA’s South Support Zone.

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Malaysia B772 over Gulf of Thailand on Mar 8th 2014, aircraft missing

By Simon Hradecky, created Saturday, Mar 8th 2014 01:10Z, last updated Saturday, Mar 8th 2014 03:17ZAn
Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200, registration 9M-MRO performing flight
MH-370 from Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) to Beijing (China) with 227
passengers and 12 crew, was enroute at FL350 over the Gulf of Thailand
in contact with Subang Center (Malaysia) when radar and radio contact
was reported lost with the aircraft at around 02:40L (18:40Z Mar 7th).
The aircraft would have run out of fuel by now, there have been no
reports of the aircraft turning up on any airport in the region.

airline confirmed the aircraft is missing, a search and rescue
operation has been initiated. Subang Air Traffic Control reported at
02:40 local Malaysian time, that radar and radio contact with the
aircraft had been lost.

Search missions have been launched along
the estimated flight track of the aircraft from Gulf of Thailand,
Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos to China (South China Sea).

reported that the aircraft did not enter Chinese airspace (editorial
note: which effectively discounts rumours and false reports by a
Malaysian outlet of the aircraft having landed in Nanning (China)).

Nanning Airport stated the aircraft did not arrive at the airport.

to The Aviation Herald's radar data the aircraft was last regularly
seen at 17:22Z (01:22L) about half way between Kuala Lumpur and Ho Chi
Minh City (Vietnam) at FL350 over the Gulf of Thailand about 260nm
northnortheast of Kuala Lumpur 40 minutes into the flight, followed by
anomalies in the radar data of the aircraft over the next minute (the
anomalies may be related to the aircraft but could also be caused by the
aircraft leaving the range of the receiver).

Aviation sources in
China report that radar data suggest a steep and sudden descent of the
aircraft, during which the track of the aircraft changed from 024
degrees to 333 degrees. The aircraft was estimated to contact Ho Chi
Minh Control Center (Vietnam) at 01:20L, but contact was never

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