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Where's this generation's Woodward and Bernstein?

Operation Fast and Furious and the Solyndra Scandal are two majorly

explosive scandals the Obama Administration is up to its eyeballs in.

Fast and Furious was broken by two internet bloggers, Dave Codrea and

Mike Vanderbough and thus far has only been carried forward by Sheryl

Atkinson of CBS and William Lajuenesse at Fox News. Where is the the

rest of the Fourth Estate on these issues? That there has been

essentially a media black out aside from the aforementioned reporters

shows beyond any plausible doubt that the so called Main Stream Media is

hopelessly corrupted by personal ideology and has failed miserably in

its first and primary responsibility, which is to tell the facts to the

American People, regardless of where those facts may lead.

Fast and Furious is the type of story that journalistic careers and

Pulitzer Prizes are made of, yet there has yet to emerge a Edward R

Murrow or Woodward and Bernstein ( although Codrea and Vanderbough

certainly are walking in their footsteps) , doggedly determined to get

the truth and expose the lies of Govt.

It is shameful and embarrassing and leaves looming questions about why

anyone capable of critical thinking should trust that anyone in the

print or TV media is left that will tell the truth, consequences be

damned. The irony of course being, the Ameican People are so sick and

tired of being boldly lied to their faces, that were any intrepid

reporter or reporters to actually step up and get to the bottom of

things, they would in all likelyhood be revered and remembered with

eminent fondness and respect for doing their part to put the Country

first and hold to account those that have violated not only their sworn

oaths, but also innumerable Federal and State Laws.

Another thing to note, in less than a week, Politico has published 90 stories on the Herman Cain sexual harassment scandal.

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