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Syria - Al-Qaeda and friends plus Turkey are thieves and rob the Syrian people
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From Ali, a Turkish journalist: "We cover the theft of FSA... The headline "Free Bread Thieves" Also our journalist in Hatay took the pictures of the guys who are selling Syrian bread. It is much more cheaper than the Turkish bread so the demand is enormous. The town people are telling that the some Syrians are bringing the bread with vans. They also seize the international aid for Syrian people."

A Turkish journalist working in the area near the border with Syria has been sending me reports about some unreported activities by the Free Syrian Army. He writes: "Just two days before the "food crise" in Aleppo, I hear many of my friends from Hatay that they started to see some Syrians are selling the bread in the city. Turkish breads are not same those in Syria even in Hatay. And I have to give you a name. Abdulqader As Salah a commander of Tawheed Brigades who has very close ties with Turkish intelligence. He is now selling "wheat" in Gaziantep province of Turkey. I am a Turkish journalist at the very beginning of this crisis I hear same thing from the Kurds in Ceylanpinar (a border town near Ras Al-Ayn) The Kurds who escaped from the battle between FSA and Kurdish militias told me that they saw some FSA members looting the wheat silos. But I did not aware unless I started to see these news. Perhaps thats why people of Aleppo are now protesting FSA (Video) as "Army of Harami (Thieves)" (Video). Now I am trying to understand whats going on and why people in Hatay started to see Syrian breads in Hatay. When I cover it I will send you too. In Hatay people are very much looking with Syrians, and get used to Syrian culture... I saw some photos in Reuters that shows FSA members on the wheat silos in Aleppo. But as usual their describtion "Forces loyal to Assad bombs the silos and FSA members" sth. like this. I may send you the photo. I first hear the rumors about it in Ceylanpinar/Sanliurfa. Kurds told me that... But I did not pay attention unfortunately. Then I saw this photo.Then I see the news about the famine in Syria. Now I am checking it. And one of my journalist friend informed me about the "Abdulqader As Salah" I didn't check him completely but it is said that he is the leader of Tawheed brigade and lives in Gaziantep and now selling wheat and second hand cars. Tawheed is one of the most close group to Turkish intelligence. Everyone knows it. I am now working on it, when I finished I will send you a copy... Yes for sure... FSA militiants are stealing wheat from Syria and bringing them to Turkey to sell. They even stole oil excavators from Syria and brought them Turkey.... I checked the resources and talked with many people both in Hatay and Sanliurfa province. They told me that the some of FSA members (who are speaking Syrian Arabic) are now selling spares for cars and in Gaziantep they have a store for grain. One of my reliable friend has told me that this begun in September... An pro-Assad journalist in Hatay told me that everything was in accordance with Turkish authorities. The rebels are bringing wheat, car and even furnitures from Syria via Bab Al Hava border-crossing which is the other side of Hatay-Cilvegozu gate... The FSA militants took control of this border crossing since
June. They also loot the Kurdish villages when they attack from Turkish side like what they did in Ras Al-Ayn... That's why Kurds never want them in their areas."

When I mentioned on my Facebook about the information from the Turkish journalist, I have received many messages from people in Aleppo confirming stories about Free Syrian Army theft and thuggery. Here is one (in translation from Arabic): My name is... and my mother's name is...and my father's name is... and I am a son of Aleppo and worked in relief work. I can confirm to you that that Free Syrian Army stole wheat and sold it in `Ifrin which is under the control of the Kurds and sold it to Turkey, and is distributing them in liberated areas only. My folk and comrades are in Aleppo and there is no bread. There should be talk also about factories that were disassembled and sold in Turkey. Aleppo is being robbed and is hungry....There are demonstrators in Aleppo where people chant (it ryhmes in Arabic, of course): We want the regular Army, the Free Syrian Army is a thief (بدنا الجيش النظامي, الجيش الحر حرامي) The Free Syrian Army are themselves members of the oppressive regime but they now chant for freedom instead of chanting for the leader".

Another person wrote to me (translation from Arabic):
"Some factories in Aleppo have been disassembled and sold in pieces to Turks. Ask the merchangs and factory owners in Aleppo and they will report to you. There is a systematic destruction of the country. Today, they targeted the high voltage area of the electric power station
in the village of Mahradah which provides Hamah with electricity. We are deprived of power nine hours due to the sabotage of the electric power in Syria. In areas of Aleppo, power is cut off 24 hours straight. They only concentrate in schools and institutes not to mention hospitals and railways and they have the advantage that whenever something is destroyed the media of the world and youtube come out and say: look how the regime destroyed this and that. My respect to you but please doctor: dont mention my name because I am genuinely afraid of them they don't fear God and whoever opposes them is a Shabbih, and thus should die...."

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