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Michelle Malkin of FOX NEWS Attacked at DNC

Michelle Malkin of FOX NEWS Attacked at DNC
However, a Recreate 68 agent provocateur in a lime green shirt wearing a black hat w/ white horns started yelling at her “Kill Michelle Malkin!”

Anti-war protesters put a cap on their second day of rallies and marches during the Democratic National Convention Monday with a decidedly unconventional stop outside the Denver Mint. The event, which was organized by umbrella protest group Recreate 68, drew a small crowd of about 50 people armed with “magic mojo” they hoped would enable them to levitate the Mint building to shake out its loose change using nothing but the collective power of their minds.

Turns out, it was just wishful thinking.

But of course, the main purpose of the event wasn’t so much for the sake of raising a building off the ground as it was raising awareness, a point that wasn’t lost on at least some of those who attended.

Angela Molinar said that she was at the protest because she thought that the distribution of wealth in America was a hugely important issue. LeAnne Harden agreed and added that she likes that the protest centers around “using our personal energies.”

When asked if he thought the crowd would actually be able to levitate the Mint, protester Jeff Burk answered “with any luck.”

Recreate 68 gathered the group on the outskirts of the Mint facing a cordon of riot police. Group co-founder Mark Cohen, wearing a red velvet wizard costume, began a chant of “Peace, Love and Justice,” interspersed with cries of “Peace, shalom.” A man calling himself the Yippie Pie Man, who has attended every Recreate 68 protest so far, used a megaphone to lead the crowd in the chants and also to appeal to bystanders.

“Don’t be a spectator,” he implored, “join the spectacle!”

For those more interested in a concrete reason to try raising the Mint and liberating it of its change, others in the group were happy to provide a few.

“We need to free the $50 million (inside the Mint) for the people who are starving, we need this money, we need to distribute this wealth,” shouted Kenneth Sanchez, who stood at the front of the protest group, wearing a red bandanna around his face.

Recreate 68 even threw plastic quarters into the crowd, perhaps hoping to preempt the real money that they soon hoped would be covering the block.

“Take money from the war, give it back to the poor,” shouted the crowd, joining hands to form a small half circle that spilled out into the street.

But soon, the attention was diverted from the peaceful protest by an altercation between a member of the conservative media and a citizen attending the protest. This was the second incident of its kind; on Sunday, protesters took exception to a Fox News reporter trying to question Ward Churchill, controversial former professor at the University of Colorado. Today it was radical Alex Jones, from the group 9/11 Truth, which believes that the September 11 terrorist attacks were planned by the U.S. government, verbally confronting Michelle Malkin, a conservative columnist and Fox News contributor.

However, during the so-called “event” a tense moment occurred reportedly this devil looking guy in the lime green shirt wearing a black hat w/ white horns started yelling at her “Kill Michelle Malkin!”

You can even see him try and provoke the entire situation.

He grabs Alex and says if they are buddies, then
stands off to the side and starts yelling trash talk to Alex.

He can surely see him trying to work the crowd in his favor. While all the while trying to make it look as if it's Alex Jone's group who are making death threats

“You support torture. Shame on you, you fascist piece of trash," Jones yelled. He also accused Malkin of supporting the U.S. Marines when they drown puppies.

Malkin found an ally in Recreate 68’s Sanchez, who pushed his way into the crowd of TV cameras to yell at Jones: “Michelle Malkin is a true patriot!”

Sanchez later said he had no idea why Jones was attending the protest and added that Recreate 68 does not support Jones’ ideas. He added that although they strongly disagree with her views, Recreate 68 supports Malkin’s right to free speech.

Recreate 68 co-founder Glenn Spagnuolo agreed saying “He's the true agent provocateur, he was so busy hating, he missed all the love.”

After the dust-up around Malkin, who could be overheard asking Jones to “just go away,” had dispersed, many of the protesters returned to Civic Center Park.

Throughout it all, the Mint remained firmly anchored to terra firma.

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