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Former CIA Lary Nichols: Exposes the Clintons 6 of 7

This is a MUST Listen! Listen to ALL parts. Remaining SIX parts available in the group, "Ring of Power" (see below for details).

Alex Jones Larry Nichols 02/07/2008 6.7

It's no secret that Larry Nichols has been credited with releasing the majority of the scandals about Bill Clinton during his terms as President. It was Larry and his role in the "Clinton Circle of Power" and "Clinton Chronicles" videos, in his book, "The Genie is out of the Bottle" and this website that kept the Clinton Administration off balance and prevented many of their socialist agendas from being enacted and destroying our Great Nation.

As a Freedom Fighter for America, Larry through his unceasing dedication, hard hitting videos and never-ending appearances on talk radio shows throughout the nation, sometimes 24 hrs a day, even to this day, he is fighting to prevent the Clintons from achieving their ultimate goal of "Global Power." He is the "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy" Hillary Clinton whines about.

Larry has been quoted as saying; "It is time for all Americans to renew their commitment to protect our country and the future of our children from the enemies of freedom and to preserve the American Way of Life. It is time once and for all to put God, country and family first in our lives and resist those that put political careers and personal agendas above the interests of the people and the Nation."

LARRY IS BACK and his web site is ready to help you help Larry in his quest to keep America Free. This will be the most ambitious mission in his life. Fighting Bill Clinton, the mob and the political machine that protects the Clintons was tough. But getting between Hillary Clinton and her chance to be the President of the United States, a position that would make her the most powerful person in the world, more than ever before puts Larry in the eye of the storm. If you think it won't be dangerous just take a look at the list of people that have died mysterious deaths.

Larry refuses to let us make any statements directly connecting these deaths to the Clintons without being able to prove them in a court of law, so you look at the list and come to your own conclusions. But ask yourself if you would do what Larry is doing? With his proven personal knowledge of Bill and Hillary and the information he has on them and his ability to get information out to the people in spite of the main stream media, Larry has earned the right of be called a Freedom Fighter for America. As history has proven Larry will fight, with or without our help, to stand against those that choose to destroy this Great Nation.

Larry is the only person that has been saying that Hillary is actually running for the Presidency in 2004. He has been warning the country for months that she's running and "Nichols Notes" will show how you can understand the truth about her secret plans, as only Larry does. Remember, Larry was the one that told us that if Hillary ran for United States Senator in New York, that she would win. Conservative pundits told you that she didn't have a chance, especially since she wasn't even from New York. We believed the pundits and not Larry and she's now the junior Senator from New York and the third most powerful person in the country, if not the world. Even though Larry has proven time and time again that he knows the Clintons better than anyone else, many of us thought that he just couldn't be right. He was and we have learned another valuable lesson when it comes to the Clintons. don't bet against Larry. is dedicated in their attempt to help Larry fight for America and to let him know that he is not alone in his efforts as a Freedom Fighter and True Patriot of America. After all, his battle is for all of us and the future of our children and grandchildren. It should be considered an honor to join in the fight to save America and become a Freedom Fighter alongside Larry. Join the battle and become a Freedom Fighter for America and while you're at it sign up for "Nichols Notes" to stay informed with up to the minute intel and the latest battle plans for the last battle for America.

Larry said "Hillary is running for President in 2004" and reading "Nichols Notes" is your best way to understand why and how it is happening. Get "Nichols Notes" so that you can hear from Larry every week, even if you can't hear him on the radio or miss his appearances on television., dedicated to keeping you updated in the battle to save our Nation.

The Remaining SIX parts will be available in the Group, "Ring of Power"., Join it!


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