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The Amazing Circlejerkular Logic of Glenn Beck - All Aboard the Crazy Train!

In a bizarre, right-wing caricature of Phileas Fogg, Glenn Beck takes us around the cuckoo's nest in a minute-and-half...

In less time than it takes to place an order on, Glenn takes us from Obama, to his wife's personal shopper, to labor protests in Wisconsin, to "hippie dope radicals having Woodstock in the capital", to our relationship with Great Britain and Egypt, to a disagreement with the Saudis, to Iranian warships in the Suez Canal, to chaos and revolution, to......... wait for it....... SOCIAL SECURITY!

Yes, in just 90 seconds, Professor Doofenschmirtz neatly connects the dots between Michelle Obama's personal shopper and a Muslim/communist conspiracy that stretches from Cairo to Sheboygan.... and he only has to refer to his chalk board once!

I imagine that as Glenn's "beautiful mind" rambled through this cascade of causation and connection.... even his most ardently fearful and gullible viewers were lost in this surreal, "WTF" moment.

Glenn's show is starting to sound more and more like Jared Laughner's rambling YouTube videos every day, including taking on the creepy, menacing vibe of the misunderstood genius.

It's time his fans started considering the probability that, what they first saw as Beck's brilliant ability to "connect the dots" of a massive and subversive communist plot... is actually just a convoluted, Rube Goldberg of a shell game; utilizing distraction and snappy-patter designed to bamboozle you while the grifter takes your money.

As Beck's ramblings become more incredulous and unsupportable, more and more people are becoming aware of the con job.... and viewers are taking off the tinfoil hats and changing the channel in droves.

Keep it up Glenn...... at this rate you'll be the irrelevant punch line to an old joke within a year.

- EventHorizon2012 -

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Added: Feb-25-2011 
By: EventHorizon2012
Iran, News
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