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Don't Buy The GOP Narrative That Obamacare Is A Tax On Middle Class-It's A Lie Designed To Mislead

Leader McConnell, and his fellow Republicans, should read the Majority ruling before they embarrass themselves further.

In the opening paragraphs of Chief Justice Roberts’ opinion, he clarifies that the law specifically
does not involve a tax. If it did, Roberts clarifies, the Court would
have had no choice but to reject the case for lack of jurisdiction as a
tax case cannot be brought until someone is actually forced to pay the
tax. This is, as we know, not the case.
The fact that the Court found that the mandate was constitutional
under the taxing authority granted Congress by the Constitution is an
entirely different matter. This finding does not reduce the individual
mandate to the status of a tax—it merely says that as the penalty for
failing to purchase health insurance will fall to the Internal Revenue
Service for collection, it was something Congress could provide for
under its Constitutional authority.
While I grant you that this gets a bit into the weeds, the effort
that is being made by the GOP to use the Court’s basis for decision as a
weapon fails on its face and is completely disingenuous. There is a
difference between the levying of a tax and the Court finding
Constitutional authority for Congress under the taxing authority. But
then, anything that is more complicated than your basic “See Spot Run”
first grade reading primer has always been fair game and fodder for the
GOP message machine which would prefer to base their arguments on
misstatements than educating and enlightening its base.Source: Forbes

A little education for some of the absolute retards I see on this site. There is a class war, except only one side is fighting it, and it's not the democrats supporting that side

If you have insurance then you don't face the tax.
If you're poor then you can get assistance and possibly a full exemption.

If you're middle class, can afford insurance but still don't buy it
then you're more or less a leech if you expect emergency care when
needed. Someone has to pay for it.

If you don't think the tax is fair, then please start up or join a
grassroots campaign for people like yourself that will refuse emergency
medical care when needed.

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