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Thurday March 27th latest up-date on MA370 B777

I asked all LLers to vote on this article as it is a factual one from a very well respected Aviation expert and I'm sick of all those video's from arm-chair experts passing themselves off as so-called Aviation experts, particularly that English Gent who has a few factually incorrect video's on LL. Unfortunetly, many here accept what he states as fact. Any one with just a passing interest in aviation can see the holes in his *facts*. I'm not into self-promotion as those that know me will atest too. I have up-loaded over 80 video's and this is the first time I have asked my fellow LLers to vote on this. The facts need to be seen by the many here at LL. I'm just so sick of having too wade through all the video's pertaining to Malaysian Airlines flight370 as fact which they are *not*. I'll now step off my soap-box and appologize to everyone for this long preamble.

For those complaining that there is too much information, I do apologize for that. The reason why I included this article is in response to all the rubbish being reported in the Media as "fact" which it is not. This article is by Simon Hradecky of the very well respected Aviation Herald that has been of service to Aviation industry for over 10 years. A source of reliable information pertaining to Aviation. This is a direct link to his website listing all accidents, incidents and crashes in a chronological time-line.

It is a detailed document sourcing various articles from websites closed to the general community. It is lengthy but is also rewarding.

Crash: Malaysia B772 over
Gulf of Thailand on Mar 8th 2014, aircraft missing, data indicate
flight MH-370 ended west of Australia
By Simon Hradecky, created Saturday, Mar 8th 2014 01:10Z, last updated Wednesday, Mar 26th 2014 13:46ZAn
Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200, registration 9M-MRO performing flight
MH-370 from Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) to Beijing (China) with 227
passengers and 12 crew, was enroute at FL350 about 40 minutes into the
flight about 90nm northeast of Kota Bharu (Malaysia) over the Gulf of
Thailand in contact with Subang Center (Malaysia) just about to be
handed off to Ho Chi Minh Air Traffic Control Center (Vietnam) when
radar and radio contact was lost at about 01:22L (17:22Z Mar 7th).
Subang Air Traffic Control Center officially told the airline at around
02:40L (18:40Z Mar 7th) that the aircraft was missing. Malaysia's Prime
Minister stated on Mar 15th that based on new satellite data there is
evidence that the data communication systems and transponder had been
turned off by deliberate action by someone on board and the aircraft
deviated off course, the last confirmed communication between aircraft
and satellites occurred at 00:11Z (Mar 8th). On Mar 24th 2014 Malaysia's
Prime Minister announced that according to new computations by Inmarsat
and the British AAIB there is no reasonable doubt that flight MH-370
ended in the South Indian Ocean west of Perth (Australia).

On Mar
8th 2014 the airline confirmed on their website the aircraft is
missing, a search and rescue operation has been initiated. Subang Air
Traffic Control reported at 02:40 local Malaysian time, that radar and
radio contact with the aircraft had been lost. The last radar position
was N6.92 E103.58. There has been no distress call, no ELT or other
signal was received from the aircraft. The focus is currently to locate
the aircraft, as of 11:20Z Mar 8th search teams from Malaysia, Singapore
and Vietnam have failed to find any evidence of the aircraft. On Mar
9th 2014 14:43L (06:43Z) the airline added, that still no evidence of
the aircraft has been found more than 24 hours after last contact with
the aircraft and corrected the time of last contact with the aircraft to
1:30L. The airline stated, they are fearing for the worst, depending on
where the aircraft will be found a command center will be set either at
Kota Bharu or Ho Chi Minh City.

In a press conference the
airline stated, the last contact with the aircraft had been about 120
miles (90nm) northeast of Kota Bharu (Malaysia), over the Gulf of
Thailand. The aircraft was piloted by an experienced captain (53, 18,365
hours total) and a first officer (27, 2,763 hours total). The aircraft
carried 154 Chinese citizens, 38 Malaysians, 7 Indonesians, 6
Australians, 5 Indian, 4 French, 3 citizens of USA, 2 New Zealanders, 2
Ukrainians, 2 Canadians, 1 Russian, 1 Italian, 1 Dutch and 1 Austrian.

Mar 11th 2014 the airline reported that the aircraft had accumulated
53,465 flight hours in 7,525 flight cycles since its delivery to
Malaysia Airlines in 2002. The aircraft has last undergone maintenance
on Feb 23rd 2014. All Malaysia Airlines aircraft are equipped with ACARS
transmitting monitoring data automatically. However, no distress call
and no information was relayed. The search area has been extended and
includes the Strait of Malacca west of Malaysia looking at the
possibility that the aircraft may have turned back and diverted to
Subang (Malaysia).

On Mar 8th 2014 search missions have been
launched along the estimated flight track of the aircraft from Gulf of
Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos to China (South China Sea).

Mar 8th 2014 at about noon local time Vietnamese search personnel
reported they have detected an ELT signal about 20nm south of the coast
of Ca Mau. Vietnam officials subsequently stated that they have not yet
detected flight MH-370.

On Mar 8th 2014 in the afternoon local
time an Admiral of the Vietnamese Navy was understood to indicate that
the crash site of the aircraft has been located about 130nm south of the
Vietnamese Island Tho Chau (110nm southwest of main land Ca Mau), the
Navy later said that the admiral only referred to the position of last
radio/radar contact with the aircraft, the aircraft has not yet been

On Mar 8th 2014 China reported that the aircraft did not
enter Chinese airspace (editorial note: which effectively discounts
rumours and false reports by a Malaysian outlet of the aircraft having
landed in Nanning (China)).

On Mar 8th 2014 Nanning Airport stated the aircraft did not arrive at the airport.

Mar 9th 2014 the NTSB reported that a go-team has been dispatched to
Asia to assist with the investigation into the missing flight MH-370.
The NTSB wrote: "Once the location of the airplane is determined,
International Civil Aviation Organization protocols will determine which
country will lead the investigation."

In the evening of Mar 9th
2014 local time Malaysia's Transport Ministry reported, that no trace of
the missing aircraft has been found at dawn Mar 9th after two days of
search. The oil slicks as well as debris found so far are not related to
the aircraft. Rumours like other crew establishing contact to the
accident flight after radar contact was lost, phone contact to a mobile
phone of one the passengers of the missing flight or the aircraft having
landed in China or Vietnam, are false.

In the night of Mar 9th
2014 Vietnam's Search and Rescue Control Center released a photo of a
part floating in the Gulf of Thailand, that despite darkness was
discovered by a Twin Otter Aircraft of Vietnam's Coast Guard at position
N8.792 E103.374 about 31nm southsouthwest of Tho Chu (editorial note:
114nm north of the last radar contact position) and is believed to be a
part of the aircraft. The Control Center stated, the part is definitely
made of composite material. Forces will be dispatched to the part after
daybreak Mar 10th 2014. Malaysia's Department of Civil Aviation said
later that this part is unrelated to MH-370, it was not recovered.

Kong's Air Traffic Control Center reported on Mar 10th 2014 around
17:30L (09:30Z) that an airliner enroute on airway L642 reported via HF
radio that they saw a large field of debris at position N9.72 E107.42
about 80nm southeast of Ho Chi Minh City, about 50nm off the
south-eastern coast of Vietnam in the South China Sea and about 281nm
northeast of the last known radar position. Ships have been dispatched
to the reported debris field.

On Mar 10th 2014 Vietnam's Search
and Rescue Control Center confirmed receiving the report by Hong Kong's
Air Traffic Control Center stating that a Hong Kong based airliner
reported a large field of debris while enroute on airway L642. A Thai
cargo ship in the area was asked for assistance and has set course to
the area but did not find anything unusual so far. A second vessel asked
for assistance did find some debris. Following this finding Vietnam's
Maritime Search and Rescue Services (MRCC) dispatched a ship to the
debris field.

On Mar 10th 2014 Hong Kong's Civil Aviation
Department confirmed a Cathay Pacific flight from Hong Kong to Kuala
Lumpur spotted large amount of debris while enroute off the coast of
South East Vietnam.

Vietnam's Search and Rescue Center later
announced that the border guard vessel arriving at the position of the
debris field did not find any objects. There were high winds and large
waves, the debris possibly drifted away.

On Mar 11th 2014
Malaysia's Air Force reported their primary radar data suggest, the
aircraft may have turned west over the Gulf of Thailand at about 1000
meters/3000 feet below the original flight level (editorial note:
another possible interpretation could be: at 1000 meters of height
compared to 10000 meters original level) and flown past the east coast
near Kota Bharu and the west coast of Malaysia near Kedah, the radar
return was last seen at 02:40L near Pulau Perak in the Straits of
Malacca, about 285nm westsouthwest of the last known (secondary) radar
position. Local Police at Kota Bharu confirmed a number of locals
reported lights and a low flying aircraft at Kota Bharu at an estimated
height of 1000 meters/3000 feet.

Early Mar 12th 2014 the
commander of Malaysia's Air Force stated, he did not make statements
about the aircraft being tracked across Malaysia into the Strait of
Malacca. The Air Force does not discount the possibility of an air turn
back however, as stated in a press conference on Mar 9th 2014.

the evening of Mar 11th 2014 Vietnam's Search and Rescue Center
reported they were expanding their search areas both to the east and
west including the South China Sea and Gulf of Thailand. Two Chinese
search planes in addition to the Vietnamese ships and aircraft have been
operating over Vietnamese waters, so far there has not been any
finding. The oil slicks and debris found in the Gulf of Thailand south
of Tho Chau Island proved unrelated to MH-370, the field of debris of
Mar 10th was determined false alert too.

On Mar 12th 2014
Vietnam's Search and Rescue Control Center reported that analysis of
satellite images of Vietnams coastal regions, capable of showing objects
sized 2.5 meters by 2.5 meters, did not detect any signs of the
aircraft. Around noon the Control Center reported, that the search
operation continues in full like the days before based on official
information from Malaysia that the aircraft has not been tracked in the
Strait of Malacca. 9 Vietnamese aircraft and 9 Vietname ships plus 14
foreign aircraft and 22 foreign ships are searching Vietnamese waters.

Mar 12th 2014 officials of Malaysia's Civil Aviation Authority talking
to families of occupants of MH-370 in Beijing reported that the aircraft
was just in the process of being handed off to Vietnam, the last radio
transmission heard from the aircraft was "Okay, good night". The crew
did not report on Vietnam's frequency anymore. About three minutes later
Vietnam's control center noticed that the aircraft had disappeared from
radar and had not reported on his frequency. There had been no
emergency or distress calls on any means of communication, although
radio coverage of the area is generally good. Malaysia's CAA officials
stressed, that they do not have any indication that the aircraft may
have turned back or deviated from the planned route. The aircraft
"suddenly disappeared". So far the aircraft has not been found although a
total of 1788 ships are participating in the search for the aircraft.

note on Mar 12th 2014: On Mar 10th Malaysia expanded the search area
into the Strait of Malacca assigning substantial forces to that large
search area (much larger than the search area in the Gulf of Thailand
with a radius of 100nm around the last known secondary radar position
east of Malaysia). It remains unclear why this has been done given the
Mar 12th denials of reports of Mar 11th that the aircraft may have been
tracked by primary radar into the Strait of Malacca explaining that
widened search. It also remains unclear why on Mar 12th the search is
now moving northwest into the Andaman Sea west of Malaysia, especially
when there are/were no indications of the aircraft turning back as
Malaysia officials told families in Beijing on Mar 12th.

In the
evening of Mar 12th 2014 the commander of Malaysia's Air Force confirmed
in a televised news conference, that an unidentified radar target was
last seen at FL295 about 200nm northwest of Penang (Malaysia) at 02:15L
after a number of intermittent returns (editorial note: this translates
to just off the coast of Phuket (Thailand) in the Andaman Sea). As the
primary radar does not identify which aircraft produced the return
(other than secondary radar identifying the aircraft via the aircraft's
transponder), it is not clear whether that unidentified target was
MH-370. This radar observation however prompted Malaysia's Authorities
to expand the search into the Strait of Malacca and Andaman Sea.

Mar 12th 2014 China's State Administration of Science (SASTIND)
reported, they discovered three large objects sized 13x18, 14x19 and
24x22 meters at position N6.7 E105.63 (121nm eastsoutheast of the last
known secondary radar position), all three objects within a radius of
20km (11nm) and published the satellite images, taken on Mar 9th 2014 at
11:00 Beijing time (03:00Z), see below. SASTIND stated they are
committed to provide further search services to locate flight MH-370.

Mar 13th 2014 two Vietnamese aircraft reached the position identified
by SASTIND but did not find any debris scanning the area for about 3
hours. China's head of government ordered Chinese ships to the position
to "try harder" to find the debris identified by the satellite images.
The head of China's Civil Aviation Authority (CAAC) stated, that the
SASTIND satellite images show smoke and floating objects, however, "at
this time the CAAC can not confirm these objects are related to MH-370"
(editorial note: media reports converted this statement into "the debris
is not from MH-370").

On Mar 13th 2014 afternoon Malaysia's
Transport Minister said in a televised press conference, that the last
ACARS transmission was received from the aircraft at 01:07L (17:07Z),
there were no later transmissions via ACARS (editorial note: which
effectively states a report by a single US "news" paper of the engines
monitoring recording information via ACARS for 4 more hours is untrue),
the last transmission received from the aircraft indicated all systems
were operating normally. Boeing, Roll Royce, and NTSB confirmed the last
data transmission received from the aircraft was at 01:07L. Malaysia's
Search Control Center consulted with the NTSB and other agencies with
respect to the unidentified primary radar returns and it was a common
decision, that there were sufficient grounds to dedicate forces to
search for the aircraft west of Malaysia. The aircraft dispatched to the
location identified by SASTIND did not find anything, China did not
intend to release the satellite images to the public. Malaysia is
committed to find the aircraft and is going to intensify search efforts

In the afternoon of Mar 14th 2014 Malaysia's Transport
Minister re-iterated, that there was a primary target seen indeed, it
may be MH-370 but could be any other aircraft too. It can neither be
confirmed nor ruled out that this radar target was MH-370. As result the
search areas are being widened into the Indian Ocean beyond Andaman
Islands to the west as well as to the east further into the South China
Sea. Two oil slicks have been discovered near the position of last
contact, one of these oil slicks contained jet fuel, however, it is not
clear whether this jet fuel comes from MH-370 or not. Malaysia is
sharing data that would normally not be shared with the public in the
interest of national security. Media reports that the aircraft
transmitted any data beyond the point of last contact are not true.

the press conference in the afternoon of Mar 14th 2014 Malaysia's
Transport Minister provided more details about the primary radar
observation stating, the target was first picked up at waypoint IGARI at
FL350 (editorial note: waypoint IGARI nearly conincides with the last
secondary radar position of MH-370) at 01:21L moving towards waypoint
VAMPI, then waypoint GIVAL and finally turning northwest towards
waypoint IGREX. The target was lost at FL295 after GIVAL at 02:15L.

Mar 14th 2014 Inmarsat released following statement on their website:
"Routine, automated signals were registered on the Inmarsat network from
Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 during its flight from Kuala Lumpur.
This information was provided to our partner SITA, which in turn has
shared it with Malaysia Airlines. For further information, please
contact Malaysia Airlines." (Editorial note: this statement does NOT
state at which times this occurred, nor does it state that those signals
were registered after 17:22Z on Mar 7th).

On Mar 15th 2014
Malaysia's Prime Minister stated in a press conference: "based on new
satellite communication we can say with a high degree of certainty that
the Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) was
disabled just before the aircraft reached the east coast of peninsular
Malaysia. Shortly afterwards, near the border between Malaysian and
Vietnamese air traffic control, the aircraft’s transponder was switched
off." Movements of the aircraft until the aircraft left Malaysia's
primary radar coverage were consistent with deliberate action by someone
on the aircraft. The primary radar target, so far believed but not
confirmed to be MH-370, could today be identified as MH-370 with the
help of new data received from the satellite data provider. The aircraft
could have flown on for 7 hours, the last trace of the aircraft was
identified at 08:11L (00:11Z Mar 8th). "Due to the type of satellite
data we are unable to confirm the precise location of the plane when it
last made contact with the satellite." However, the investigation was
able to determine that the last communication was in one of two
corridors: "the northern corridor stretching approximately from the
border of Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan to northern Thailand or the
southern corridor stretching approximately from Indonesia to Southern
Indian Ocean." The investigation team is working to further refine the
information. The search in the South China Sea and Gulf of Thailand has
been ended. "In view of this latest development the Malaysian
Authorities have refocussed their investigation into the crew and
passengers on board. Despite media reports, that the plane was hijacked,
I wish to be very clear we are still investigating all possibilities as
to what caused MH-370 to deviate from its original flight path."

Mar 15th 2014, following the speach by Malaysia's Prime Minister,
Malaysia Airlines released a statement stating amongst others: "This is
truly an unprecedented situation, for Malaysia Airlines and for the
entire aviation industry. There has never been a case in which
information gleaned from satellite signals alone could potentially be
used to identify the location of a missing commercial airliner. Given
the nature of the situation and its extreme sensitivity, it was critical
that the raw satellite signals were verified and analysed by the
relevant authorities so that their significance could be properly
understood. This naturally took some time, during which we were unable
to publicly confirm their existence.

We were well aware of the
ongoing media speculation during this period, and its effect on the
families of those on board. Their anguish and distress increases with
each passing day, with each fresh rumour, and with each false or
misleading media report. Our absolute priority at all times has been to
support the authorities leading the multinational search for MH370, so
that we can finally provide the answers which the families and the wider
community are waiting for."

On Mar 16th 2014 Malaysia's Minister
of Transport said, that the search has become much more difficult now
including 25 instead of so far 14 countries including diplomatic
efforts. Areas of land in 11 countries are being searched. Satellite
data, primary and secondary radar data as well as search aircraft and
ships are being requested. The aircraft took off with the fuel planned
according to flight plan, there was no additional fuel loaded. The
investigation refocussed on crew, all passengers as well as all ground
personnel handling the aircraft. The crew homes have been searched, the
captain's flight simulator equipment was dismantled and re-assembled at
police premises for further investigation. The crew members had not
requested to fly together. The team of Inmarsat have arrived in Malaysia
supporting the investigation. Priority is still on the search and
rescue operation. There have been no attempts to contact Malaysia, the
airline or any other party in order to seek ransom or other compensation
in exchange for occupants or the aircraft. There was no hazardeous
cargo on board, the cargo has been checked according to standard
operating procedures. The satellite signals could also have been sent
while the aircraft was on the ground as long as there was electrical
power available.

On Mar 17th 2014 Malaysia's Minister of
Transport reported that three investigators of the French BEA, who had
been involved in the search for AF-447 see Crash: Air France A332 over Atlantic on Jun 1st 2009, aircraft entered high altitude stall and impacted ocean,
have arrived in Malaysia and are joining the search for MH-370 sharing
their knowledge and experience with AF-447. Police had visited the homes
of both pilots on Mar 9th 2014 and spoken with family members, one Mar
15th the captain's flight simulator was disassembled with the help of
family members and re-assembled at police premises for further
investigation. The last ACARS transmission received was at 01:07L, the
next regular ACARS transmission would have occurred at 01:37L 30 minutes
later. It is not known when the ACARS system was disabled. Initial
investigation identified the first officer was transmitting the last
radio call at 01:19L.

On Mar 17th 2014 Australia announced that
they are going to dedicate substantial forces to coordinate and conduct
the search in the sectors of the South Indian Ocean. All Australian
agencies are reviewing their data to see whether anything can be
determined that might help to locate the aircraft.

On Mar 18th
2014 Malaysia's Minister of Transport and Minister of Foreign Affairs
stated, that all countries operating satellites have been contacted in
search for additional clues in the search area of 2.24 million square
nautical miles. Equipment with deep sea detection capability is being
asked for. There have been diplomatic efforts to contact and seek
assistance from the countries in the northern and southern search
corridors, the response has been excellent. There have been no new data
discovered from Indonesia so far, the data are being revisited however,
not only satellite but also all other data Indonesia's military might
have about the hours following the disappearance of MH-370. Current
focus of the investigation is to narrow the search area by the use of
additional data that may be available through satellite and other
sources by other nations, there have been talks with the US Department
of Defense in that respect, too. As of current there is still equal
focus on both northern and southern corridors. The aircraft's
transponder responses were last seen at 01:21L. Every country in the
search area is in possession of primary radar data, the data are being
assessed and all aircraft movements in the search area are currently
being identified. However, the only primary radar data in the open is
Malaysia's. Malaysia has put the interest of passengers and the search
for MH-370 above national interest.

Mar 18th 2014: According to China's news agency Xinhua China have started to search for MH-370 within China's territory.

Mar 18th 2014 Australia's Maritime Safety Agency (AMSA) confirmed they
are coordinating a search for MH-370 in the South Indian Ocean. The
first search area is about 1500nm southwest of Perth,WA (Australia),
aircraft from Australia, New Zealand and the USA are participating in
that search.

On Mar 18th 2014 Thailand's Air Force reported that
they did pick up a primary target of an airliner on Mar 8th once that
departed Kuala Lumpur towards Vietnam, however, had no subsequent
contact with such a target. The information has been passed on to
Malaysia. The Air Marshal stated that media reports in Thailand
referring to the Air Forces' chief claiming, the air forces' primary
radar at Surat Thani had tracked an aircraft departing from Malaysia,
turning around and passing Butterworth (Malaysia) were inaccurate. The
Marshal added, that had the aircraft been tracked in Thailand's
airspace, the Air Force would have responded, and an information would
have been provided to Malaysia. On Mar 19th 2014 the Marshal told
Malaysia's Authorities, that an intermittent signal of an airliner was
picked up at 01:28L as it headed towards Kuala Lumpur from the South
China Sea, turned right towards Butterworth (Malaysia) and was lost from
radar. That signal was only detected after specific request by
Malaysia, the signal was never observed within Thailand's airspace.

Mar 19th 2014 Malaysia's Transport Minister said, Malaysia contacted
the Maldives, the Air Force Chief of Maldives told Malaysia the reports
of an aircraft sighting at the Maldives Islands are not true. Both
corridors are of equal importance in the search operation, the southern
corridor is much more challenging however. The logs of the captain's
flight simulator have recently been "cleared". There were no findings of
any signficance with any of the passengers. The aircraft followed its
regular flight plan to Beijing via waypoint IGARI, there is no evidence
that waypoints have been added or modified.

On Mar 20th 2014
Australia's Maritime Safety Agency announced that expert analysis of
satellite images by Australian Geospatial-Intelligence Organisation
showed two pieces of debris about 2500km (1350nm) southwest of Perth
adjacent to the search area defined. The debris may or may not be
related to MH-370. Three search planes have been dispatched to the
location as well as a fourth plane tasked to drop buoys. A Norwegian
merchant ship, that has joined the search for MH-370, has been
dispatched to and has already reached the location, too. Later on
Australia released panchromatic (left) and multispectral (right)
satellite images taken on Mar 16th 2014 which led to the discovery of
two objects at positions S44.05 E90.96 and S44.05 E91.224 (distance
11.89nm between objects, 3085nm from last primary radar contact). The US
Navy said, strong radar returns received by search aircraft in the
area, are not linked to the objects. Australia pledged to continue the
search for the objects by air and ship until located, unless it is
certain they can not be found. If the objects are not located today,
they'll be searched for tomorrow, ... In the evening of Mar 20th AMSA
tweeted that the first search aircraft, a RAAF Orion P3, had not been
able to locate the objects but encountered limited visibility due to
cloud and rain in the search area. In the evening the search was
suspended but is going to resume on Mar 21st 2014 (local Australian

On Mar 20th 2014 Malaysia's Transport Minister stated in
the daily briefing, that Australia's prime minister called Malaysia
advising that two objects have been identified southwest of Perth in
satellite images which may or may not be related to MH-370. Search
aircraft have been dispatched into the area, another aircraft has been
tasked to drop data buoys to assist in identifying drifts. An Australian
Navy vessel has been dispatched to the area but is several days away.
China is using 21 satellites to search for the aircraft within China's
borders, other countries in the northern search area are conducting
aerial searches. 18 ships are searching the southern corridor.

the evening of Mar 21st 2014 Australia's Maritime Safety Agency AMSA
reported that the searches of Mar 21st have been concluded without any
sightings. 6 aircraft have been scanning 23,000 square kilometers of
waters. By now two merchant ships are in the area, the Royal Australian
vessel HMAS Success is expected to arrive in the search area on Mar

On Mar 21st 2014 Inmarsat experts stated, that the pings
received by their satellite over the Indian Ocean were basically signals
to check whether the aircraft still wanted service ("are you alive").
It was positively established that the pings were coming from 9M-MRO
indicating the receiver and transmitter were still powered up. In
further determination the round trip time of signals from the satellite
sending the inquiry out until receiving the reply from the aircraft was
measured and it was detected, that the round trip time increased from
hour to hour, which indicated the aircraft was moving away from its last
known (secondary radar) position.

On Mar 22nd 2014 Malaysia
Airlines stated: "Malaysia Airlines wishes to clarify that the lithium
ion batteries carried onboard MH370 on 8 March 2014 was in compliance
with the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and the
International Air Transport Association (IATA) requirements where it is
classified as Non Dangerous Goods."

On Mar 22nd 2014 Malaysia's
Transport Minister said that China, India, Pakistan, Myanmar, Laos,
Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan have reported according preliminary analysis
of radar data there were no sightings of the aircraft on Mar 8th in
their countries. A cyclone has been forecast to affect the southern
corridor search area with very strong winds and rough sea. The
transcript of the communication between aircraft and Malaysian ATC as
well as the cargo manifest is in possession of the investigation, they
are going to be released to the public in due course. The minister
stated: "Preliminary investigation of the cargo manifest has not shown
any link to anything that might have contributed to MH370’s

On Mar 22nd 2014 China's State Administration of
Science (SASTIND) released a new satellite image identifying an object
floating in the waters at S44.95 E90.22. The satellite image was taken
on Mar 18th, the object has been determined to be 22 by 13 meters (in
Malaysia press conference erroneously reported as 22 by 30 meters as the
Ministry of Transport of Malaysia later confirmed). The position of
this object is about 63nm southwest of the objects identified by AMSA on
Mar 20th 2014.

On Mar 22nd 2014 late night Australia's AMSA
reported that all aircraft have returned to base. One aircraft sighted
objects with naked eyes including identifying a wooden pallet, a buoy
has been dropped into the debris to track its movement, another aircraft
was dispatched and reported only seeing clumps of seaweed. A merchant
ship is approaching that position to collect the objects. The Chinese
satellite discovery was within Saturday's search area, aircraft tasked
to the search however did not sight that debris. The search continues on
Sunday (Mar 23rd) in the effort to locate the objects observed on
satellite images so far.

On Mar 23rd 2014 Malaysia's Transport
Minister said, that Malaysia received new satellite images from French
Authorities showing potential objects in the vicinity of the current
search area in the southern corridor. The images were forwarded to
Australia. Two Chinese and Two Japanese search aircraft have joined the
Australian search out of Perth. An Australian vessel carrying a remote
controlled submarine vehicle is on the way in the search area. Indonesia
is leading the search into the northern part of the south corridor, two
search aircraft from India joined the search out of Subang. The last
ACARS transmission received from the aircraft at 01:07L showed nothing
unusual and showed a normal routing towards Beijing.

On Mar 23rd
2014 AMSA reported that a number of civil aircraft including an Airbus
A319-100 have joined the search southwest of Perth. An area of 59,000
square kilometers is being searched during Mar 23rd, the area has been
determined based on drift modelling derived from the marker buoys
dropped during first day of search. By the end of Mar 23rd there were no
sightings of significance from all 8 aircraft and HMAS Success involved
in the search, earlier the day there had been fog in the search area,
the conditions however improved during the day.

In the early
afternoon of Mar 24th 2014 AMSA tweeted that one of the Chinese search
planes spotted objects in the South Indian Ocean within the search area
of 69.500 square kilometers of today. Resources are being relocated.
Later AMSA reported that an Australian search plane saw one circular
grey or green object and a rectangular orange object in the search area,
the objects are different from the earlier Chinese observation. HMAS
Success is heading towards these objects.

During the regular
press conference of Malaysia's Transport Minister on Mar 24th 2014 the
airline representative stated, that the first officer was on his 6th
flight on the Boeing 777 after having undergone conversion training from
another aircraft type. The aircraft was carrying wooden pallets but
there is no evidence the wooden pallet sighted in the South Indian Ocean
was one carried by MH-370. The aircraft was carrying 200kg of Lithium
batteries packaged in full compliance with safety requirements in
addition to electronics and several tons of fruit.

On Mar 24th
2014 Malaysia's Prime Minster called for an unscheduled press conference
at 10pm local time (14:00Z). Families of occupants of the aircraft in
Beijing have been called in to a short term meeting, and there are
reports the families of occupants have been booked onto charter flights
to Australia. Relatives in Kuala Lumpur have commenced a meeting at

In the press conference on Mar 24th 2014 Malaysia's Prime
Minister said, that the experts of the AAIB briefed the prime minister
stating that the satellite experts have done further computations on the
satellite data using methods never used before. Based on the new
computations Inmarsat and the AAIB have concluded MH-370 flew the
southern corridor with its final position west of Perth, Australia at a
remote area of the Indian Ocean with no landing sites. "It is with deep
sadness and regret I must inform you that, according to these new data,
flight MH-370 ended in the southern Indian Ocean", the Prime Minister

Shortly after the Prime Minister's press conference on
Mar 24th 2014 Malaysia Airlines released their statement given to
relatives of the occupants stating: "Malaysia Airlines deeply regrets
that we have to assume that MH370 ended in the southern Indian Ocean. As
you will hear in the next hour from Malaysia’s Prime Minister, new
analysis of satellite data suggests the plane went down in the Southern
Indian Ocean."

Shortly after the PM's press conference of Mar
24th 2014 Inmarsat reported that the new analysis of their satellite
data used to identify the corridor and final location was based on the
Doppler effects modifying radio waves and frequencies depending on speed
and direction of travel of the aircraft, these data were compared to
other flights. The computations are not precise enough to give the
accurate position, however, made it possible to identify the general
location. The new modelling and comparism were developed after the first
discovery of the data on Mar 11th 2014, the work is still in progress.

Mar 25th 2014 Australia's AMSA decided to suspend all search activities
for the day due to weather conditions with forecast gales of 80+ kph
and associated sea swell as well as low level cloud with bases forecast
at 200 to 500 feet, the conditions would pose a risk to the search
crews. The search is estimated to resume on Mar 26th.

On Mar 25th
2014 Malaysia's Transport Minister reported in the daily press
conference the last complete handshake between satellite and aircraft
took place at 00:11Z as previously reported, there is evidence that
another incomplete hand shake occurred at 00:19Z. A new method based on
Doppler effect to compute the speed of the aircraft relative to the
satellite and compare these results with other aircraft along the
northern and southern corridor showed little match within the northern
corridor but good match with the southern corridor, the method permitted
to roughly locate the aircraft at the time of the last complete
handshake. As result the search in the north corridor as well as in the
northern part of the southern corridor have been aborted, the search
area has been narrowed to 469,407 square nautical miles instead of the
previous 2.24 million square nautical miles. Works to further narrow
down the search area including decoding and analysis of the last
incomplete handshake at 00:19Z continue. In the search area near Perth
six Chinese ships are estimated to arrive on Mar 26th, HMAS Success is
going to return to the search area after temporarily having left the
area due to rough sea and weather. The Transport minister said quote:
"In recent days Inmarsat developed a second innovative technique which
considers the velocity of the aircraft relative to the satellite.
Depending on this relative movement, the frequency received and
transmitted will differ from its normal value, in much the same way that
the sound of a passing car changes as it approaches and passes by. This
is called the Doppler effect. The Inmarsat technique analyses the
difference between the frequency that the ground station expects to
receive and one that is actually measured. This difference is the result
of the Doppler effect and is known as the Burst Frequency Offset. The
Burst Frequency Offset changes depending on the location of the aircraft
on an arc of possible positions, its direction of travel, and its
speed. In order to establish confidence in its theory, Inmarsat checked
its predictions using information obtained from six other B777 aircraft
flying on the same day in various directions. There was good agreement.
While on the ground at Kuala Lumpur airport, and during the early stage
of the flight, MH370 transmitted several messages. At this stage the
location of the aircraft and the satellite were known, so it was
possible to calculate system characteristics for the aircraft,
satellite, and ground station. During the flight the ground station
logged the transmitted and received pulse frequencies at each handshake.
Knowing the system characteristics and position of the satellite it was
possible, considering aircraft performance, to determine where on each
arc the calculated burst frequency offset fit best. The analysis showed
poor correlation with the Northern corridor, but good correlation with
the Southern corridor, and depending on the ground speed of the aircraft
it was then possible to estimate positions at 0011 UTC, at which the
last complete handshake took place. I must emphasise that this is not
the final position of the aircraft. There is evidence of a partial
handshake between the aircraft and ground station at 0019 UTC. At this
time this transmission is not understood and is subject to further
ongoing work. No response was received from the aircraft at 0115 UTC,
when the ground earth station sent the next log on / log off message.
This indicates that the aircraft was no longer logged on to the network.
Therefore, sometime between 0011 UTC and 0115 UTC the aircraft was no
longer able to communicate with the ground station. This is consistent
with the maximum endurance of the aircraft. This analysis by Inmarsat
forms the basis for further study to attempt to determine the final
position of the aircraft. Accordingly, the Malaysian investigation has
set up an international working group, comprising agencies with
expertise in satellite communications and aircraft performance, to take
this work forward." The Minister handed out documents prepared by
Inmarsat and the AAIB, see below.

In the evening of Mar 25th 2014
AMSA announced that the search is going to resume on Wednesday (Mar
26th) after gale force winds subsided and visibility improved. 12
aircraft and 5 ships (HMAS Success and 4 chinese ships) are expected in
the search area on Wednesday.

Mar 26th 2014 Malaysia's Minister of Transport stated in the daily
press conference that French Satellites have identified 122 objects so
far forming a field of debris, the various objects sized between one and
23 meters in size. The field spreading over an area of about 400 square
kilometers/120 square nautical miles was located on images taken on Mar
23rd 2014 at a position of approx. S44.6695 E90.607 near the earlier
observation SASTIND had made in the South Indian Ocean.

the evening of May 26th 2014 AMSA reported that all 12 aircraft have
left the search area, two private aircraft reported seeing three
objects, two of them likely ropes, none of which could be relocated in
another pass. HMAS Success plus four chinese ships are continuing in the
search area.

According to The Aviation Herald's radar
data the aircraft was last regularly seen at 17:22Z (01:22L) at position
N6.9 E103.6 about half way between Kuala Lumpur and Ho Chi Minh City
(Vietnam) at FL350 over the Gulf of Thailand about 260nm northnortheast
of Kuala Lumpur and 90nm northeast of Kota Bharu 40 minutes into the
flight, followed by anomalies in the radar data of the aircraft over the
next minute (the anomalies may be related to the aircraft but could
also be caused by the aircraft leaving the range of the receiver).

Mar 8th 2014 aviation sources in China reported that radar data suggest
a steep and sudden descent of the aircraft, during which the track of
the aircraft changed from 024 degrees to 333 degrees. The aircraft was
estimated to contact Ho Chi Minh Control Center (Vietnam) at 01:20L, but
contact was never established.

Italy's Foreign Ministry said,
the Italian citizen is alive and was not on board of the aircraft other
than the passenger manifest suggests, the man called his parents from
Thailand. The foreign ministry later added, that the passport of the
citizen had been recently stolen in Thailand.

Austria's Foreign
Ministry stated in the afternoon (European time) that the Austrian
listed on the passenger manifest was not on board of the aircraft. The
foreign ministry later added, that the passport of the Austrian citizen
had been stolen about two years ago when the citizen was touring through

According to the states run Chinese news agency Xinhua
Chinese police established that one of the Chinese passengers listed on
the manifest never left China, is still at home and in possession of
his passport, therefore was not on the accident flight. The passenger's
passport had not been lost or stolen, the numbers on his passport and
the passport number noted on the manifest are identical however.

Mar 11th 2014 Malaysian investigators reported a 19 year old Iranian
was travelling on one of the false passports to join his family waiting
for him in Germany. They were contacted by his mother admitting she knew
her son was using a false passport. In the evening Malaysian
investigators summarized that there is no evidence suggesting there is a
link between the disappearance of the aircraft and the use of false
passports. Investigation continues however, the background of all
passengers is being investigated, for example whether there are high
life insurances.

On Mar 10th 2014 Malaysia's Defense Ministry
said, that as result of the verified discrepancies between passenger
manifest and people on board of the aircraft, the Austrian and the
Italian, the entire manifest is under scrutiny. At least 4 names are
suspicious and are being investigated with the participation by the FBI
from the USA.

On Mar 9th 2014 China Southern Airlines, code share
partner of Malaysia Airlines, reported that they sold a total of 7
tickets for the accident flight, amongst them the tickets for the
Italian and the Austrian as well as one Dutch, one Malaysian, two
Ukrainians and one Chinese.

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