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Ron Paul Delegates told to stay home

Bands, balloons and the chance to rub shoulders with party movers and shakers are part of the allure of being a delegate to a national political convention. But don’t delegates play an important role choosing the party’s nominee and shaping its platform?

Some delegates to the Republican National Convention Sept. 1-4 in St. Paul have been told to stick to the bands and balloons.

An email, called a “National Delegate Self-Nomination Form,” sent to some 7th District GOP delegates warns them that they shouldn’t expect much of a role or influence at the convention.

Supporters of GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul — who won six of 12 delegate slots to the GOP national convention at Fourth, Fifth and Sixth District conventions in early April — think the email was directed at them.

“According to the Seventh Congressional District, national delegates are meaningless,” said Minnesota state coordinator for Ron Paul, Marianne Stebbins. “They’re trying to talk our people out of running.”

Among the general requirements for a delegate described in the email — registration fee, responsibility for hotel bills and the commitment to attend the convention — was the unusual expectation to “contribute significantly to the national party and campaign, $1,000 is almost a minimum.”

Potential delegates were advised of an expectation to “contribute to the ‘TV image’ of the Party by being present, applauding and cheering at the ‘right’ places, etc.”

In addition, the email went on:

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