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Baby Sats In Busy Road, Bus Driver Nearly Hits it.

A bus driver has told how he narrowly avoided plowing into a baby girl as she sat half-naked in the middle of a busy road.
Mike Hubbard was on his usual San Antonio bus route just after midnight when he saw a creature in the road ahead of him.
Thinking it was a dog he sounded his horn but then, to his horror, he realised it was a baby in a nappy.
He slammed on the brakes, stopping just inches from the infant.
The incident would almost be unbelievable had it not been caught on a CCTV camera on the front of the bus.
"I was definitely in shock,' Mr Hubbard told local Texas news station WOAI-TV.
"From a distance I can't tell exactly what it is. It looks like a dog, something moving around, I can't really tell what it was.
"I started slowing down and then I noticed it's a baby in the middle of the street."
He continued: "To me he looked like he was eight months old with a pamper, just sitting there.
"I couldn't tell if he was eating something or not. But, his eyes got real big when he saw the big old bus in front of him."
In another strange twist, as the shaken driver rushed out to check the baby, its father appeared and simply grabbed her and ran off without even thanking Mr Hubbard for his quick action.
The infant has since been identified as Destiny Flores, a young girl who, as a result of the near miss, is now the subject of a custody battle.
The bus company VIA reported the incident, last May, to Texas child protection services who have yet to decide whether Destiny and her two sisters can stay with their parents.
Destiny's mother Catherine Gonzalez, 25, and her husband are fighting to keep their children, claiming it was just an unfortunate accident.
Mrs Gonzalez said the youngsters were in the living room watching TV and she had no idea Destiny had escaped until she heard a horn and a screeching sound as the bus braked.
"We had the door open, but there's a screen door. I had the lock on it, but I don't know, maybe I didn't put it all the way and she just snuck out. I really can't even tell you," she told WOAI-TV.
"It was just an accident, that's all it was. It's not like we weren't paying attention, you know. I could have swore all my kids were in the back watching TV and they were doing fine. It was just the biggest accident and it hurts me."

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