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Assumed terrorist attack in Oslo

I used google Translator for this.. a woman lost both legs in the explosion.

There has been a huge explosion at Aker Brygge, according to eyewitnesses in the middle of its ministries. There will be major damage, and several government buildings will be on fire.

- People ran like crazy from the site, said an eyewitness told Dagbladet.

Police at the site told Dagbladet that the attack was directed against the Oil and Energy, as in 16-era still is on fire.

- Several bombs
It is reported that several car bombs should have gone off at once. The explosions could be felt in Holmlia, which is situated in Oslo's southern edge, and the Nesodden in Akershus.

A father was called by her daughter, who was on Young Square, outside the Labour Party office.

- My daughter called me up and said she could not breathe, there was blood around her, and a piece of glass stuck in her throat, said Hoshang Afshar for her daughter Amosha of 16 years, now receiving treatment for injuries.

- There are a lot of injured people in the area, many seriously injured. There is injured inside the area with excessive bleeding. All the buildings are destroyed, it is absolutely awful, says Jan Larsen told newspaper Dagbladet.

Larsen works in the Health and Care Services, and sat at the computer when the explosion happened.

- It broke all the corridors. Everything was torn to shreds.

He believes there are those who stayed in the lower floors, which are the most injured.

- There may be more bombs, said police on site to Dagbladet.

VG affected
NTB reported that the windows are blown out in a number of floors in the ministries, but there is confusion about which buildings are affected.

- Windows on the VG-building's facade to its ministries are blown out, and there are large amounts of glass and metal in the street, said Dagbladet reporter Harald Klungtveit, who is on site.

He was in the courthouse and heard a loud bang, and saw large amounts of dust that filled the street from the ministries. The level of injury is unclear, but several people will be injured.

- At least three people are injured, they get help from the public on site. The bleeding heavily from his head, he continued.

- It is unclear what is going on inside the VG-house.

Henrik Bull jobs in Grubbegaten, near the government quarter.

- I heard a tremendous explosion and thought that now I only get out as fast as I can, Bull says to Dagbladet.

Large scale
The buildings in Market Street and Akersgata has received major damage.

- Windows on all Youngstorget is broken, and there are lots of ambulances outside. Fire alarm rings all the time in the National Theatre building, said Dagbladet reporter Line Brustad at 16 o'clock.

- All are chased away from the scene. There are many injured, and the stretchers and ambulances everywhere, says Dagbladet reporter Anne Marte Blindheim in the 16-time.

Shops crushed
There are lots of stores routes that are crushed by Yong Market and the main street.Police sealed off the area up at Aker Brygge, so there is no one who can get in, because they are afraid that there will be a bomb, says a police officer told Dagbladet.

Buses and trams will be stopped.

The prime minister is safe, says Sindre Fossum Beyer.

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