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Courthouse gun horror as 'sex attacker' opens fire on victim and her family, 'killing two'

A father accused of sexually abusing his mentally disabled daughter today gunned down four people outside the courthouse where he was standing trial, leaving one woman dead.

Bartholomew Granger, 41, shot his alleged victim and other members of her family as they stood just outside Jefferson County Courthouse, in Beaumont, Texas, during the lunch recess.

The dead victim is believed to be an elderly woman. There are reports that a second person has died and two others are still being treated for their injuries.

An elderly woman is confirmed dead, and three other were injured

Alleged gunman Bartholomew Granger shot his first victim outside the entrance to Jefferson County Courthouse

Gunman shot courthouse had brother who was killed by policeA man wounded in a dramatic gun battle with sheriff's deputies last week had a brother who was shot and killed by police 2005.

Andrew Dennehy, 23, allegedly fired a handgun into the air in a crowded plaza outside Tulsa County District Court in Tulsa, Oklahoma, March 9, sparking a shootout.

Dennehy, a sheriff's deputy and a bystander were wounded as shots rang out.

The motive behind Dennehy's apparently suicidal decision to start shooting at a civic centre which is also the location of Tulsa's police department is still unknown.

Police spokesman Jason Willingham said: 'Clearly "suicide by cop" may enter into it.

Dennehy's brother, Brian Dennehy, was shot and killed in August 2005 after allegedly firing at an officer in the parking lot of a Tulsa apartment complex, Mr Willingham said.

A third victim was apparently shot several times as she ran for cover at a clerk's office, according to

A fourth victim was shot two blocks away from the courthouse at a bus station, police say.

Granger took cover at the XCEL building two blocks from the courthouse and briefly held four people hostage, according to police. But Granger soon called police and said he would surrender in return for medical help.

He was rushed to the hospital with 'very serious injuries, according to police.

Photographs taken by the Beaumont Enterprise show that Granger shot one victim just outside of the courthouse.

Judge Larry Gist, whose courtroom is in the building where the shooting took place, told CNN that he 'believed one of the witnesses (the person who was shot dead) may have been the mother of the child'.

'It was pandemonium,' said Judge Gist, describing the scene outside the courthouse.

An elderly woman is confirmed dead, and three other were injured

When he heard gunshots ring out, witness Ricky Gandy said he rushed to his office window, whch overlooks a parking lot near the shooting scene.

'Once it started, it was kind of like the Fourth of July,' said Gandy. 'Several shots, I imagine, I'm guessing at least 30 shots all together.'

An elderly woman is confirmed dead in the Beaumont, Texas courthouse shooting

Four people were shot outside Jefferson County Courthouse, one fatally

Granger had been on trial at the courthouse since Monday and was scheduled to resume testimony Wednesday afternoon, Judge John Stevens told KFDM..

The 41-year-old has a lengthy criminal history that includes convictions for possession of marijuana and unlawfully carrying a firearm, according to police reports.

Granger fled the scene in a pickup truck and abandoned it outside of a building two blocks from the Beaumont courthouse

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