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"Please turn yourself in, please, he has a son, God will be with you,"

Is she F****** crazy? I bet that baby would not have a father around even if he lived.

When I was a young lad, many moons ago, Surfside was a good place to party during spring break and the summer.
Times sure have changed for the worst there now.

Victim's picture makes him look to be an upstanding citizen.

April 9, 2012 SURFSIDE, Texas—What was supposed to be a fun beach party
on Surfside Beach turned deadly Saturday night when someone opened fire
in the middle of a crowd. Three people were shot, and 25-year-old
Derrick Milam was killed.
"He was innocent, why would they take him," said Shericia, Milam's fiancé who does not want to release her last name. 
The two were high school sweethearts and have a 3-year-old son together. Shericia could not believe the news.
"They said he got shot and I thought they was lying," she said.
attended the Texas Beach Party with more than 20,000 others on Surfside
Beach when shots rang out toward the end of the party.
Milam, a 16-year-old and a 19-year-old were all hit.
were all having a good time, it was getting ready to go home and people
were driving and shooting guns up in the air," said Surfside Police
Chief Gary Phillips.
Police said the party was promoted on social media sites like Twitter.
was like mayhem, people were trying to get out, hundreds of people in
the middle of the streets," said Taaron Anderson, a party-goer. "Do you
remember when Hurricane Ike hit? Everybody tried to evacuate, but with
hundreds of people on the streets."
Police say the beach was so packed police had a hard time getting to the shooting victims.
couldn't say anything, he was bleeding so much. He was bleeding for
almost two hours. They kept saying they were going to get the helicopter
to go out and nobody ever went," said Shericia.
Milam and
Shericia were engaged and planning to get married next year. Their son,
Zerrick, will have to now grow up without a father.
"Please turn yourself in, please, he has a son, God will be with you," Shericia begged.
The two teenagers, who were taken to Lake Jackson hospital, were both expected to make a full recovery.

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