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Top 5 Black Guy Did It Excuses

Every year, it seems as if a crazy white person commits a crazy crime and blames it on a Black person. That said, here are the top 5 “The Black Guy Did It” excuses by white criminals:

1. Ashley Todd, Pennsylvania, 2008

This crazy, overweight, young Republican thought it would be a good idea to carve a backwards B on her face and blame it on a Black Barack Obama supporter. Too bad the police investigated her story and found out it was B.S… only after John McCain and Sarah Palin called her and offered her their condolences.

2. Charles Stuart, Massachusetts, 1989

Charles Stuart shot himself and killed his pregnant wife for insurance money and blamed it a Black man. After the police arrested several Black men on suspicion of being involved in the incident, Stuart’s brother admitted that he was involved his brother’s wife’s killing. Charles Stuart later committed suicide.

3. Susan Smith, South Carolina, 1994

Susan Smith claimed that a Black guy hijacked her car with her kids in it. She went on TV and received a lot of media attention. She would later admit to rolling her car into a lake, with her children in it. Why? So she could start her life over by marrying a wealthy man without having the burden of her old family.

4. Brian Wells, Pennsylvania, 2003

Pizza deliveryman Brian Wells came to a bank in Erie, Pa. with a bomb locked around his neck. He told police that group of Black men had taken him hostage and put the bomb there. After receiving close to $9,000, the pizza man was blown to bits by the bomb. Police would later find out that Wells was in on the plot with a few of his white friends.

5. Bonnie Sweeten, Pennsylvania 2009

Sweeten was found in Disney World after claiming that she and her daughter were abducted by two Black men.

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Leaker's Note: I know I will catch some heat from people saying for every fake crime I will show you ten crimes committed by actual black people. And to that I say: I don't care, why do you spend so much energy trying to prove that black people are bad? How about uploading videos of how white people are good?

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