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LL Movie Scene Challenge "The Ghost and The Darkness"
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"The film tells a fictionalised account about the two lions that attacked and killed workers at Tsavo, Kenya during the building of the African Uganda-Mombasa Railway in 1898.
"In 1898, Sir Robert Beaumont (Tom Wilkinson), the primary financier of a railroad project in Tsavo, Kenya, is furious because the project is running behind schedule. He seeks out the expertise of John Henry Patterson (Val Kilmer), a military engineer, to get the project back on track. Patterson travels by train to Tsavo, where he meets ...the doctor, David Hawthorne (Bernard Hill). Hawthorne tells Patterson of a recent lion attack. That night, Patterson kills an approaching lion with one shot, earning the respect of the workmen. The project gets back on schedule. However, not long afterwards Mahina (Henry Cele), the construction foreman, is dragged from his tent in the middle of the night. His half-eaten body is found the next morning. Patterson then attempts a second night-time lion hunt, but the next morning another worker is found dead at the opposite end of the camp from Patterson's position.

"Soon, two lions attack the camp in the middle of the day and kill Starling. Patterson attempts to kill them, but they both escape. Samuel explains that there has never been a pair of man-eaters before because they are always alone...

"The men dub the lions 'the Ghost and the Darkness' because of their notorious methods of attack. Work is stopped on the bridge to fight the lions. Beaumont visits the camp and tells Patterson he will ruin his reputation should the bridge not be built on time. He tells Patterson he will contact the famous hunter Charles Remington (Michael Douglas) to help. All of Patterson's attempts to kill the lions have failed at this point...

"Remington builds a new hospital for all the lion victims, and attempts to draw the lions to the old one by covering it with animal parts. The lions, however, outsmart Remington and attack the new hospital, killing all the patients and Hawthorne. Abdullah and the rest of the men soon leave, leaving Patterson, Remington, and Samuel alone with the lions. That night, Remington kills one of the lions by using Patterson and a baboon as bait. The next morning, Patterson finds the remaining lion has dragged Remington from his tent and killed him...

"Patterson and Samuel are soon attacked by the beast on the partially constructed bridge. After a long fight, Patterson kills the lion outside of camp. Abdullah and the men return, and the bridge is completed on time. The film ends with a narration by Samuel, where he says the lions are now on display at the Field Museum in Chicago, Illinois, and that even today 'if you dare lock eyes with them, you will be afraid.'"

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