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At last we can kick Abu Hamza out: But even now hate preacher has three months to appeal - at the expense of the British taxpayer

  • Hook-handed one-eyed hardliner Hamza wanted on 11 terrorism charges
  • Four other Muslim fanatics to be deported to face possible jail terms
  • Human rights will NOT be breached by conditions in U.S. prisons
  • Prime Minister 'very pleased' by ruling as Home Secretary says suspects will be handed to U.S. as 'quickly as possible'
  • Terror suspects have three months to make last-ditch appeal
James Slack and Rick Dewsbury


21:45, 9 April 2012


07:29, 11 April 2012
Britain was last night finally on the
verge of being rid of hook-handed hate preacher Abu Hamza after Euro
judges ruled he could be extradited to the U.S. on terror charges.The
European Court of Human Rights said it was satisfied Hamza and a band
of fellow Islamist extremists would be well-treated in America – because
they will be offered the chance to watch TV, and enjoy ‘crafts’ and
other hobbies in jail.The men, whose legal battle has cost the British taxpayer at least £4million
over the past decade, had claimed it would be unfair to potentially
lock them up for life inside supposedly tough ‘Supermax’ high-security
prisons.Hamza, who claims to have lost his limbs waging jihad against Soviet troops in
Afghanistan, looks certain to die in a U.S. jail if convicted.The 53-year-old, who spouted hatred from outside Finsbury Park mosque in North London, is facing five decades behind bars.

David Cameron, who had been braced for a defeat, breathed a huge sigh of relief at yesterday’s decision.

His officials had feared that if Hamza had been told he could stay in
Britain, the demands to quit the European court’s jurisdiction would
have become overwhelming.

Preacher: Human rights judges will rule whether to allow the Government
to extradite Abu Hamza to America to face terrorist charges

Menacing: Muslim cleric Sheikh Abu Hamza, pictured second left, outside
the North London Mosque at Finsbury Park in 2003 surrounded by
supporters covering their faces with cloths

Tory MPs are still smarting from Europe’s decision to ban the extradition of Al Qaeda hate preacher Abu Qatada. They would have been unwilling to tolerate another reversal.Yesterday’s verdict buys Mr Cameron some time to reform the unelected Strasbourg court, in particular by
speeding up the painfully long time it takes to reach a verdict.

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