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Are Cougars-Mountain Lions making a comeback in the East?

This footage was shot in Mississippi. Just listen to the hunters dialect.

The cougar (Puma concolor) is know by a number of different names depending on the location and often more than one of these names at any given location. Cougar, mountain lion, puma, panther, catamount they all refer to the same animal species. Throw in the popular term Florida Panther which is a subspecies of panther and the confusion gets even worse. Regardless of which name these are all the same species of large American cat.

Historically the cougar inhabited almost all of North and South America. But by 1900 the cougar had been largely exterminated from East of the Mississippi with the exception of a small population in South Florida.

Despite the official extermination in the east reports of cougars have never stopped. For a century, sightings of cougars have continued to come in. The funny thing is about half of the big cat sighting in the east are of a large black cat. Cougars however do not come in a black variety.

For decades official have investigated these supposed cougar sightings and the majority have turned out to be misidentified. This is understandable because there are a number of other animals that could be mistaken as cougars and of course, some of these will be misidentified.

But since about 1990 something has changed. More and more frequently these sightings are turning out not to be misidentifications but actual cougars. Most of the confirmed cougars are showing up in the midwest. Cougar confirmations in the Midwest are now not sending a shockwave through the scientific community like they once did.

But throughout much of the East reports are still met with a great deal of skepticism. But as you can see hard evidence is even turning up in other places and I have some of it here for you. I have the first live cougar photos to come out of Louisiana in more than a century... maybe ever. An unmistakable big black cat video from Alabama among others.

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