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Deceptacon Richard Dawkins brainwashing young girl.

Sigh, so sad........

Richard trying to convince another eternal soul that, like him, she too is nothing but a monkey, a reptile, and a rat.

Most of her science teachers are wise enough to reject evolution, and for good reason. Delusional God hater and embittered atheistic zealot and cult leader Richard Dawkins tries to brainwash her using the usual run-up of long debunked evo-propaganda typically peddled as irrefutable scientific fact.

"The majority of "respected" scientists" believe in evolution. LOL Bought and paid for by special interest organizations funding quack science under the mandate of fabricating propaganda supporting the status quo.

In other words, say billions and trillions or you're fired.....

The evolution science propaganda industry is a multi billion dollar tax dollar usurping aparatus.

"Every respectable Bishop supports evolution".... LOL Notice how Catholics now go from being deranged pedophiles to distinguished sages of evolution science propaganda when it suits him! Catholics are not even Christians.

This is why America, the once last bastion of true faith on earth, is on the verge of turning into another banana republic.

Matthew 23:38 Behold, your house is left unto you desolate.

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By: rubiconriver
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