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Baby boy 'murdered by mother's boyfriend who filmed himself carrying out wicked happy slapping attacks'

Defendant, 32, gave titles to clips of 15-month-old such as 'Crying, no toys in pen, ahhhh'
Factory worker was living next door to mother when they first met

A jury was today shown shocking footage of a man slapping and kicking a crying baby boy he allegedly later murdered.
Little Charlie Hunt, 15 months old, died after Darren Newton, 32, subjected him to a string of assaults - and filmed them on his mobile phone, it was alleged.
Members of the jury at Manchester Crown court were brought to tears by the 'distressing and shocking' nature of the clips, which Newton gave titles such as 'Crying, no toys in pen, ahhhh', 'Squeezing toe in cot', 'Two minutes of pain' and 'Shivering no water', taken when Charlie was naked in an empty bath.

Later that same day, Newton filmed himself hitting Charlie on the head repeatedly and he gave that video clip the title 'happy slap', the jury heard.
As tears rolled down the cheeks of the sobbing youngster, Newton is also seen forcing his finger into the tot's ear then roughly twisting the ear as the youngster raises his hand in defence.
The clip ends with the crying child being kicked on the floor.
Two weeks later, Charlie was taken to hospital and died from head injuries in what the prosecution claims was a final fatal attack.
Charlie was found to have severe brain injuries, including swelling and bleeding to his brain and damage and bleeding to his eyes.

The horror films emerged when detectives seized a host of video clips from Newton's mobile phone showing him abusing Charlie at his home in Earby, Lancashire.
Prosecutor Denis Watson QC told Manchester Crown Court: 'The defendant took pleasure from the fact that Charlie was the victim of his cruel and we submit wicked behaviour.

'Notwithstanding that the defendant probably hoped he wouldn't find out, he hit Charlie on the head time and time again and that we suggest is ample proof of his intention to cause serious harm.'
Newton has pleaded guilty to 12 counts of child cruelty but denies murder and two offences of child cruelty where there is no contact.
But the prosecution allege that they amount to ill-treatment because of the 'emotional cruelty' to Charlie.

Mr Watson said factory worker Newton met Charlie's mother Laura Chapman when they lived next door to each other.
Ms Chapman, he said, would describe Newton as a 'quiet, caring and loving man' who got on well with Charlie. He appeared 'protective' of his mobile phone, but Ms Chapman was said to have tolerated that because she was happy.
But Mr Watson added: 'The truth is that whatever the outward appearance, it hid a dark and the prosecution say, wicked side of the defendant which only surfaced when he was alone with Charlie.
'And what is perhaps even more tragic is that side to him was only discovered after Charlie's death.'
Mr Watson told the court that Charlie was left in Newton's care at 2:30pm on the afternoon of November 19 2009 and was dead by 5:45pm.
Newton told police that Charlie had suffered a fit, but medical specialists concluded that he died of serious head injuries that were consistent with 'a deliberate application of force' and were 'non-accidental injuries'

Mr Watson added: 'The doctors conclude that Charlie's injuries were deliberately inflicted. They were not caused during the course of some fit or convulsion but were caused by the deliberate application of force.
'In other words, Charlie had been hit and he had been hit shortly before he died.'
Mr Watson said the graphic assault shown in the three-minute video entitled 'happy slap', in which Charlie was hit on the head over ten times on November 5, was of great significance to the events of November 19.
'Whilst there is no video of the events that took place that afternoon, it is the opinion of Dr Lumb that there must have been blows just like those shown on 'happy slap' to have caused the injuries sustained on 19th November and which led to Charlie's death,' Mr Watson told the court.
'The prosecution submit that these video clips are of great significance and relevance. They demonstrate a pattern of behaviour repeated by the defendant on occasions when he was in sole charge of Charlie.'
The trial, expected to last three weeks, continues.

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