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Compromising the security of the nation Part-1

Recently a post was made regarding an interview ( Bush-Lauer) Matt Lauer conducted with Bush Jr. The interview discussed the legality of the harsh interrogation techniques (some may call torture) used with suspected terrorists. To those who are not familiar with issue, it has to do with the extraordinary rendition program designed by the CIA to detect and neutralize individuals who may pose potential threat to homeland security. This is not the topic of this post; however, I must say that in an interview with the CIA officer who designed the program he clearly states that Bush Jr. and his cronies derailed the program, twisted it to suit their agenda, and made it practically ineffective. In another documentary regarding the information extracted from the suspect whose name was mentioned in the interview (Khalil Sheik Muhamd), it was shown clearly that this person made ridiculously false confessions to escape torture. These two issues will be the subject of future posts.

In the interview Jr. kept repeating, like a stuck record, that these measures are necessary to obtain information needed to protect the public. This is mind boggling specially since the administration did nothing regarding the major security breaches in the wiretap system used to monitor the US phone network and transmit critical information to security investigators. These breaches were significantly responsible for what happened on 911. The administration was alerted to his danger well in advance by the NSA, CIA, and hundreds of security officers. All warnings were simply ignored.

What happened was investigated by NBC news. Unfortunately, the four part news broadcast was aired once then banned from NBC itself !!!!!!???? I will post all four parts. Watch all of them and judge for yourself. You will be shocked.

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Added: Feb-26-2007 
By: desmond
Tags: Bush, 911, Lauer, rendition, torture
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