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President Obama’s Other Labor Board Is Forcing Workers to Unionize

by Capitol Confidential

Most Americans have heard of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) through its ill-conceived scheme to prevent Boeing from building a new plant in South Carolina because the Palmetto State has a right-to-work law. The board’s actions have created a huge backlash against the Obama Administration and its pro-Big Labor policies.
But how much do most Americans know about Obama’s other labor board?
Most Americans haven’t heard of President Obama’s other labor board, the National Mediation Board (NMB). This board is specifically focused on labor relations between the railroad and airline industries. And just like the NLRB, the NMB is aggressively pushing Big Labor’s agenda.

Last July, the NMB overturned nearly a century of precedent and issued a new pro-union rule regarding union elections. Instead of requiring the traditional democratic practice of a simple majority of members to unionize, now the rules only require a majority of votes cast for unionization.
If a company has 2,000 workers and only 400 people vote but 201 of them are pro-union, the entire workforce of 2,000 people are forced to unionize. Couple that with the fact that it is nearly impossible to decertify a union, and those 201 votes in effect mandate unionization for good.
Now we are seeing Big Labor take advantage of this new rule. The Hill reports:

A Washington, D.C.-based union group has filed paperwork vying to represent flight attendants for Virgin America airlines. The Transport Workers Union, which represents employees at airlines including United, American and Southwest, said Monday it has submitted a petition calling for a vote on unionization at Virgin America to the National Mediation Board (NMB).

The TWU is also pushing to organize workers at JetBlue Airlines. Additionally, flight attendants at AirTran Airways will join the group as aresult of that company’s merger with Southwest Airlines.
Under current rules, the NMB must schedule an election within 45 days of receive a petition for a union vote.
House Republicans are making efforts to prevent the forced unionization by a small minority of workers from taking place. In the midst of larger negotiations over the reauthorization of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the NMB union election rules are playing a major role. The Journal of Commerce reports:

House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman John Mica said he will take “every measure that’s needed” to pass a four-year authorization of the Federal Aviation Administration by the end of the year.
The House and Senate agree on major points of reauthorization and are ready to settle on funding, but there are still a “half dozen issues pending,” said Mica, R-Fla., on Monday. Disagreements continue over proposed rural air subsidy cuts and changes in National Mediation Board rules to make it easier for unions to organize airline workers.

On the latter issue, Mica said he was willing to have “equal-in, equal-out” provisions, which would balance the rules governing union certification and decertification.
Negotiations on a final bill have stalled so that Congress has had to approve 22 extensions of the previous FAA law since it expired in 2007. The latest FAA extension expires March 31.

So while the NLRB is currently getting all the headlines and attention, look for the NMB to start sharing the spotlight soon. As more people hear about the NMB and its work for Big Labor, people will agree that we need Chairman Mica to work out a deal to prevent the forced unionization of our airlines and railroads by a minority of union-lackeys.

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  • If Unions were so great they wouldn't have to stoop to such pathetic tactics

    Posted Oct-30-2011 By 

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    • @WE ARE POWER Same 'pathetic tactic' is used in every state to elect our president, and every other elected official....majority of those casting votes rules the day.

      Too lazy to vote and participate in your future? Then your right to complain is suspect. How much effort does it take to vote in a union election? Some personal responsibility goes a long way and silences criticism of this rule.

      Posted Oct-30-2011 By 

      (-8) | Report

  • The graphic: "Department of big labor" LOL

    Bottom should read: "Unionized States of America".

    Posted Oct-30-2011 By 

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  • Maybe the new pro-union rule will force more workers to vote.

    Posted Oct-30-2011 By 

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  • Unions, our good friends.

    Posted Oct-30-2011 By 

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  • Type in "Bill Frist's secret" on liveleak to find out who the new Monica Lewinsky is. YOU WILL BE SHOCKED !!!!!!

    Posted Oct-30-2011 By 

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  • Yep, Odumba and the Dems need to make union numbers increase, so they can keep up the money laundering scheme.

    Posted Oct-30-2011 By 

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  • OBAMA'S other labor board? What a MORONIC statement.

    The National Mediation Board (NMB), established by the 1934 amendments to the Railway Labor Act of 1926, is an independent agency that performs a central role in facilitating harmonious labor-management relations within two of the nation's key transportation modes--the railroads and airlines.

    Pres. Obama, like EVERY OTHER PRESIDENT, has ZERO control or input into the workings of the NMB you misinforming tool.

    Posted Oct-30-2011 By 

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    • @gregsto Don't know much about how our system works or how obummer has abused that system. Go on back to your kool-aid son, the grown ups are talking.

      Posted Oct-30-2011 By 

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