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Techniques to cure the Two Pump Chump Syndrome

These were pulled from a "How to keep your composure during an emotional speech" article and I realized that these techniques could work perfectly to keep your mind right if you want to last like Ron Jeremy or Senior Peter de Norte...
Most one these techniques could be used to cure the whole "two-pump-chump thing" aka PE

WTH, I figured I'd throw them up on LL to see the response...
My Favorites:
12 Do math problems in your head.
13 Press your tongue to the roof of your mouth (or tickle the roof of your mouth with it).
17 Pinch. Pinch the skin between your index finger and thumb.
31 Puff up your cheeks and hold your breath

And here are a few techniques you probably don't want to use:
8 Cross your eyes.
16 Yawn.
27 Go outside and lie down on the grass and look at the clouds. (lol)

It's 90% mental... Good luck

NOTE: Replace the words "cry" or "crying" with "blow your wad" or "cum too fast" below

Techniques to cure the Two Pump Chump Syndrome

1 Make things better: find new movies or songs. Watch or listen at the same time and over and over again

2 Swallow saliva. and then bite your tongue.

3 Practice long, slow deep breathing every day. Visualize a peaceful place as you breathe.

4 Take a really deep breath, during any occasion on which you feel that you might cry, and let it out calmly and coolly. You might even try to think of something that makes you laugh. OR, when you find yourself in a situation in which you are likely to cry, try your long, slow, deep breathing and visualization. There's no need to wait until you're fighting the impulse: start a little earlier than you think you'll need to and continue a little longer than you think is necessary. Be ready to retreat to a safe place if you have to.

5 Once you're certain you're fine, return to your normal breathing pattern.

6 Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth.

7 Blink a few times and look into the light; this makes your pupils constrict and keep tears from falling.

8 Cross your eyes. This is also another way to prevent tears from forming. Rolling your eyes works the same way.

9 Pinch yourself, or bite your tongue -- your mind will focus on the pain instead of the emotion. Don't pinch so hard that you cry from the pain, though.

10 Get a stress squeeze toy. It really helps release all the negative energy that's all inside. Screaming helps too sometimes. Get something to scream into that makes it muffled and quiet.

11 Lift your head to the sky. This way you can cry a little, get the sun in your eyes, or blink the tears away without anybody seeing.

12 Do math problems in your head. Emotion comes from the right side of the brain. Doing even simple addition and subtraction activates the left side of your brain and can circumvent the emotional response you're having. Times tables also help.

13 Press your tongue to the roof of your mouth (or tickle the roof of your mouth with it).

14 Smile. Yes, this is what everyone tells you to do but smiling usually releases endorphins that make you feel better.

15 Laugh. Laughing is a common impulse when there is something funny. Though this is not a fun situation, laughing stimulates chemicals in your brain that causes crying and calms it.

16 Yawn. Yawning helps to loosen the tight feeling in your throat that comes along with crying. Yawning may result in slight redness/tears so use it as a last result.

17 Pinch. Pinch the skin between your index finger and thumb. Or anywhere else that works for you. Easy as pie, right? But don't pinch yourself to hard.

18 Let it out. Sometimes you just have to let it out. Or you can try holding it in and when you get home, cry it all out in the shower or in a place where you are alone.(toilet, shower, garden, in your own house)

19 What sometimes helps is just closing your eyes. Close them then just calm down. Also when you close them, squeeze them a bit.

20 Try to think about something you love or enjoy doing in your free time.Think about family, friends, good times.

21 If you feel like you need to cry look around, focus on something think about it, explain it to yourself. This will take your mind off the problem.

22 You can sometimes go somewhere isolated and let it out, or try bouncing it out on the trampoline.

23 Remember, trust yourself. You can do anything you want to do, if you believe in your self.

24 Go to the bathroom and wash your face. It refreshes your whole body. Maybe even take a shower if you want. but if your face is sensitive try not to wash your face because it will be obvious you were crying.

25 Write down all your feelings in a journal/diary. You will feel much better afterwards.

26 Eat ice-cream. It cools you down and helps you from crying.

27 Go outside and lie down on the grass and look at the clouds. It makes you think about other things.

28 Cry. It is scientifically proven that crying is really good for you and lets the 'poison' out of your body. So it is also very good to actually cry all you want.

29 Think positive:

30 Distract yourself and do something you enjoy doing that will take your mind off your sadness. Ex: reading, drawing, arts and crafts, etc.

31 Puff up your cheeks and hold your breath

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