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Obama's operatives "Make sure pro-life protestors don't speak or give any information to women seeking abortions at the clinic"

Your tax dollars working overtime to kill the woman seeking an abortion got the pro-life info, a sonogram and kept her child, reported she couldn't believe what she almost did-much harder to pull it off when you see the living being moving inside...

Obama Volunteer Web Site Serve.Gov Promotes Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

by Steven Ertelt Editor
October 19, 2009

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Washington, DC ( -- President Barack Obama promised when he was a presidential candidate in July 2007 that he would be a lapdog for the Planned Parenthood abortion business. Obama is now making good on that promise by promoting Planned Parenthood on his new volunteerism web site,

Last week, Obama announced the web site and the organizational partnerships.

"This summer we launched United We Serve, a nationwide effort calling on all Americans to make service part of their daily lives," he said.

"And we partnered with more than 400 organizations; made more than 250,000 service opportunities available on; and watched as nonprofits, and foundations, and corporations, and individuals spent hundreds of thousands of hours serving their communities," Obama added.

One of those organizations, according to Houston Conservative Examiner writer Lisa Stauber is Planned Parenthood.

She says typing in the keyword "health" and selecting "Houston" brought up Planned Parenthood's need for volunteers to make sure women with abortion appointments are not harassed by the peaceful and prayerful people involved in the 40 Days for Life effort to help women.

"Their job? Make sure pro-life protestors don't speak or give any information to women seeking abortions at the clinic," Stauber writes.

"Also under healthcare was a listing to become an unpaid lobbyist for AARP pushing healthcare reform," that promotes abortion and rationing, she adds.

Stauber notes that typing in Democrat brought up countless opportunities, including those to volunteer for Obama's re-election campaign organization, while typing in Republican revealed few opportunities.

"Obviously, not everyone will agree with every volunteer opportunity list" Stauber wrote, noting that links to crisis pregnancy center volunteer positions are included. "However, it is troubling when clearly partisan, political positions are being staffed up using a government web site as a clearinghouse."

She singled out Planned Parenthood as a troublesome place for the federal government to promote.

"Additionally, Planned Parenthood has also been outed on tape as not reporting statutory rape and covering up abusive relationships that they were required by law to report," she writes. "An audit in Washington found that they were intentionally overbilling Medicaid, as well."

"While there were many laudable volunteer efforts listed, remember this web site is funded by taxpayers. Should taxpayer funds be used to help the abortion industry? Should taxpayer dollars promote" she concluded.

Jill Stanek, a pro-life blogger, visited the site and also found a volunteer sign-up for Planned Parenthood of Central Ohio, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin seeking help to promote abortion at the Madison Farmers Market and others.

"I'm sure I'd find more if I kept looking but you get the drift. You're paying for Planned Parenthood to snag volunteers, sometimes to directly combat our pro-life efforts," she complained.

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