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Jeff Gannon, 'embedded' White House reporter, revealed as gay prostitute

Anti-gay US administration embedded this 'reporter' to ask only pro-war, anti-liberal questions. Was given press badge in 2003. Bloggers reveal him as gay prostitute in 2005. Anti-gay US administration responds by removing him from future press conferences. Was discovered to have been using fake name and fake credentials to gain security clearance. No charges ever pressed.

Name no longer referred to in American mainstream media (with exception of MSNBC and satire "The Daily Show").

(For parallel example of anti-gay Republican hypocrisy google "Matt Sanchez" and "Conservative Award".)

Among the things Gannon said during his time as a 'reporter':

- Attempted to smear John Kerry during the presidential campaigns by saying he "might be known as 'the first gay President'". Subsequently now refuses to answer any questions about why his own nude pictures have been posted online for an escort service. (

- Said that liberals wanted to "eliminate Christmas" with an anti-religious agenda. Bill O'Reilly and many other American news pundits were also discussing that the "liberal war against Christmas" was a real issue.

- Said gay prostitution was an 'accusation' about his 'past'. New revelations show he was a gay prostitute throughout his entire career as an embedded right-wing 'reporter'.

- Talon News, run by longtime Republican activist Bobby Eberle, shuts down after Gannon's real identity revealed.

- "Media Matters has documented several instances in which Gannon lifted text directly from Republican sources. Others have also documented numerous times Gannon apparently lifted material from other sources: they include a Massachusetts community newspaper, the Associated Press, The Boston Globe, and the Traditional Values Coalition."


Lasrever: So... what is hypocritical? Did leftist bloggers make an issue of his being gay and involved in prostitution because they were anti-gay? Or was it that he served an anti-gay agenda yet was gay himself? Was it that he, like Matt Sanchez, was involved in criticizing leftists with facts or was he, like Matt Sanchez, slandering them with the same lies other right-wing news stations were using at the time? Was it that he was asking 'honest questions' or was it that he was a plant embedded to ask pro-administration questions -- something no real reporter would ever, or should ever, do?

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Added: Jul-10-2007 
By: lasrever
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