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NWO 'BROKEN ARROW' LIE UPDATE: Decommissioned Nuke Warheads to remain in operation until 2044

The mystery of the rich and famous guy going missing in out back Nevada is quite weird firstly because A with all the eyes in the sky we still fail to find the wreck and B why is this story NOT top of the pops on UFO websites. "Man and Plane vanish in Nevada desert."

A true mystery and my nostrils flare . I have suspicions but no conclusions.

Together we may get to to the bottom of this.

"Regarding yesterday's LOOSE NUKES story!!! Important update!

I decided to dig a little deeper into the story about nuclear weapons 'accidentally' loaded onto a B-52 and have found some disturbing information buried in an unclassified USAF budget document.

Below you will find some of the significant text and a link to the entire ultra-dull report from the Pentagon. But here are some bullet points to consider (tin foil optional):

* We were TOLD these weapons were being moved to be decomissioned.

THAT IS NOT TRUE! This current USAF doc says the missiles are being 'refitted' to extend their service life until fiscal year 2030! These are state of the art weapons. The service plan even includes upgrading the W-80 warheads to keep them IN SERVICE!!

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The same day a Weapon Specialist from fort Bliss, right next to white sands missle test range, ran into the desert and died of a single gunshot to the head, after he buried his amunition in the desert and left a note, "I have to take care of something, I wont be coming back"

ET visits Bush at the White House,

Federal Reserve Board go to their Jackson Hole/ C.O.G. underground bunker facility,

1 billion dollars of puts placed on NYSE on Aug 30

I figure this whole b52/nuke thing was the foiling of 9/11 part 2, The Road To Iran.

Army searchers find body of missing soldier

From the Archive of NRDC's Nuclear Data Program

The aging B-52H is referred to by the Air Force as the "workhorse of nuclear weapons employment." The B-52H first entered service in 1961 and is scheduled to remain in operation until 2044. Of a current total of 93 aircraft, 56 are considered PMI aircraft assigned nuclear weapons missions. Only the B-52 carries the AGM-86B Air Launched Cruise Missile (ALCM) and the AGM-129A Advanced Cruise Missile (ACM).

ALCMs are equipped with the W80-1 warhead. Although only an estimated 400 ALCMs are deployed, hundreds of others are held in reserve. According to the Air Force there are a total of 1,142 ALCMs in the inventory. This is a reduction of 251 from the 1,393 reported for March 1997, and reflects an ongoing conversion of nuclear ALCMs to conventional cruise missiles (CALCMs, AGM-86C). In addition to these active missiles, an additional 200 ALCMs are kept in long-term storage. Full reconstitution of stored missiles will take approximately six months. A life-extension program is underway to extend the service of ALCMs to at least 2030.

The ACM -- also equipped with the W80-1 warhead -- has a longer range and greater accuracy than the ALCM. The ACM was designed with stealth features to permit use against heavily defended targets. Originally 1,461 ACMs were planned, but the Pentagon announced in January 1992 that production would stop at 640 missiles. A program is underway to extend the service life of the ACM until 2030.

ALCM and ACM operational test launches (minus warhead) are conducted from B-52H aircraft of the 2nd Bomb Wing at Barksdale AFB, Louisiana and the 5th Bomb Wing at Minot AFB, North Dakota. About half a dozen tests are conducted each year at the Utah Test and Training Range or the Tonopah Test Range in Nevada.

Although the B-1B was described as a "conventional-only" aircraft for years, the Air Force maintained the bomber in a "Rerole" status, able to return it to nuclear missions within months if necessary. Under this plan, spare B61 and B83 nuclear bombs are maintained in STRATCOM's Active Reserve Stockpile. According to the NPR the B-1 will no longer have the "Rerole" status. Of the original 100 B-1Bs, 92 are left.


Here's my understanding of these events so far.
Much of it is speculation. Some of it is facts.

A B-52 bomber flew from an Air Force base in North
Dakota carrying 6 stealth cruise missiles each
containing a nuclear warhead, to a base in
Louisianna. It flew these cruise missiles on a
pylon underneath one of it's wings, not inside the
main body of the aircraft. That in itself is very
odd and against alot of military regulations.
There has been a regulation in place for many
years that nuclear ordinance can not be
transported by plane ever since an air crash took
place in the Arctic, Alaska?... that involved
nuclear bombs.

Anyway, this B-52's estimated flight time to the
Barksdale base in Louisianna should have been
about two hours. It took over four hours to
complete it's flight which easily could have meant
a flyby of the area in Nevada where there is
currently a search taking place for Steven Fosset.

The cruise missiles could only have been taken
from their bunker in North Dakota and loaded
aboard the B-52 through the use of Presidential
nuclear codes.

The crew of the B-52 have reportedly stated that
they were only following orders. However, these
orders were not given by way of their normal chain
of command from the Brass of the Air Force. That
only leaves the White House as the entity that
used the Presidential nuclear codes to task them
to this flight.

Now, the scary part....

Only 5 stealth cruise missiles arrived at the
Lousianna base.

So, where's the 6th missile?

Many are speculating that this search being
conducted with the use of military equipment and
personel for the billionaire, Steve Fosset is just
a cover story. And, that this search is actually
being conducted to find this 6th nuclear cruise

If someone wanted to gain access to a nuclear
warhead without leaving the typical paper trail of
signed off and verified forms and codes, that
someone could have had this cruise missile
programmed for an "auto-drop" from the
B-52's pylon where it would have dropped to the
tree-top level of the terrain below and fired it's
engines for a cruise to the nearest body of water.
It's target location also having been
pre-programmed into it's guidance computer, this
missile could have ditched without detonating it's
payload thus enabling this someone to easily
retrieve it.

It could be used for a "false-flag"
attack on a U.S. city by this someone in order to
blame al-Qaeda and thereby have all the reason and
justification for the next military strike in the
middle east... this time on Iran.

Or, it simply could be used as a bunker-buster in
an attack on Iran without having to go through all
the top Brass military which are, for the most
part, in strong opposition to such an attack. This
base in Louisianna is where all military hardware
destined for the middle east is shipped from.

Either way, the "Broken Arrow" loose
nuke is reason enough for the Air Force to issue
an announcement which pertains to their coming
"Stand Down" order for all of the
Bombers, and all of the Fighters for the entire
U.S. Air Force starting this Friday, September 14.

Just as on 9/11, in 2001, this Stand Down order
will, in effect, leave the entire country open to
an attack. There will be no jet fighters on duty
to guard us from any terrorist strike, false flag
or not. That was also the case during the attacks
on the World Trade Center Towers and the Pentagon
in 2001.

There's more.

One of the many assets that is owned by Steve
Fosset is a company in Nevada that runs a gold
mine. This gold mine drilled down to a series of
"super-pit" underground aquafers that
run along the San Andreas Fault line. If a nuclear
warhead were to be placed deep in this series of
water filled caves and later detonated, many parts
of California would be affected in a big way.
Magnitude 10 earthquake?

Funny, how FEMA once described the 3 worst
senarios that their staff might one day face. Two
of which have already taken place:

1) A terrorist attack on a U.S. city.
2) A super hurricane that takes out New Orleans
3) A San Andreas faultline earthquake that wreaks
havoc on California.

Along with all the military hardware that the
number one Air Force guy listed as taking part in
this "search for Steve Fosset" was found
to be a boat with side-scan sonar. What do you
need a boat with side-scan sonar in the deserts of
Nevada for?

This top Air Force Brass is the head of U.S. Space
Command. He's the top Air Force guy. No one holds
a higher rank in the U. S. Air Force. Since when
has someone of this rank supervised the search and
rescue of a civilian? Search and rescues are
usually conducted and supervised by subordinants,
not top ranking military brass.
: Link Title

Click to view image: '93553-US_Strategic_Nuclear_Forces_nuke_data.jpg'

Added: Sep-11-2007 
By: neverknwo
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  • PzychoSixx: "Get the hell outta here, I work with nukes at Minot and this is the craziest shit I have ever heard. Presidential codes to move an ALCM? wtf are you smoking"
    Ya but, but you don't work at Barksdale and didn't unloaded those 5 Nukes off the B52. This wasn't about moving a nuclear warhead, this is about loading a nuclear warhead onto a delivery system. I'm disappointed
    about the truthfulness of your comment, because this is not just about an ALCM but the Arming of one, with More..

    Posted Sep-12-2007 By 

    (1) | Report

  • PzychoSixx: "Get the hell outta here, I work with nukes at Minot and this is the craziest shit I have ever heard. Presidential codes to move an ALCM? wtf are you smoking"
    This story is total and complete utter BS. The tasking order came from somewhere to load the special munitions. Somewhere high up with special authority and not some friggin Wing or Base commander. One would never load a special weapon right out of the bunker, it must be tested safe first and readied for coupling in More..

    Posted Sep-12-2007 By 

    (1) | Report

  • I hope this is all Stercum-Tauri, dude!

    But if it ain't, then I guess you're sitting on a story that is an order of magnitude bigger than that uncovered by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein during the Nixon administration of the early 1970's.

    What's the betting that the largest nuclear facility in Iran has a "catastrophic accident" in the very near future?


    Posted Sep-11-2007 By 

    (0) | Report

  • Thank fukk there's guys like you out there Neverknwo , I've been following this since it broke and its sinister alright . Monkey bhoy's not got long to go , so if its goin down its imminent .

    Posted Sep-11-2007 By 

    (0) | Report

  • true patriots QUESTION AUTHORITY.........PEACE!!

    Posted Sep-11-2007 By 

    (0) | Report

  • Wow!! Guess it's time to get out of San Diego then?
    Wait if I go to New Mexico or somewhere east the fallout will travel that way. Jeez damned if I move or damned if I stay. Our friends from the backside of the moon tend to hang out and mess with nuke silos, so maybe they could intersept a huge mistake like this? Peace

    Posted Sep-11-2007 By 

    (0) | Report

  • Get the hell outta here, I work with nukes at Minot and this is the craziest shit I have ever heard. Presidential codes to move an ALCM? wtf are you smoking

    Posted Sep-12-2007 By 

    (0) | Report

  • OK, let's "run some numbers".

    Let's assume that the USAF nuclear weapons tracking/security systems are only 90% effective. (They are actually one hell of a lot more effective than that, but 90% lets me play with 10% and that is a real easy number to work with.)

    How many steps are there involved in getting a nuclear weapon out of storage and into the air?
    - At the storage site there are two involved in raising the paper work (minimum [sender and recipient])
    - Then there are two more More..

    Posted Sep-12-2007 By 

    (0) | Report

  • hazzard77: "I'm confused now, are you trying to say there are no missing nukes?"
    No I'm saying the odds for loosing a nuke is mathematically impossible.

    The only way for Nuke to end up missing is a through coordinated
    effort, many people had to be involved in the chain of command to authorize just one Nuclear Warhead to be loaded onto an ALCM. So it happened 6 times, now
    if I'm not mistaken the pilot had no control of this process. My thoughts lead me to believe that during that 4 More..

    Posted Sep-12-2007 By 

    (0) | Report

  • To review this whole thing they didn't have to say much.

    One, If They would have launched an armed nuke, we would have heard about the 'nucflash' event.

    Two, if they would have launch an unarmed nuke,
    then we would have a conventional event.

    It appears that they are now searching for
    the contamination from it crashing more then
    they are worried about it falling into the hands of opportunists.

    Posted Sep-12-2007 By 

    (0) | Report

  • Any way you slice it, this is some scary stuff. What about the whistle blowers? The fellas that leaked this? I would assume that they've been hushed and relocated to other postings...or...

    Posted Sep-21-2007 By 

    (0) | Report