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Sonia Gandhi & her struggle

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Vo: Life of Sonia Gandhi was very much affectedby number of events. She is a member ofthe family that has guided the destiny of the nation for give generations.Despite all this she kept herself aloof from politics.Bite: First she did not want toenter politics. Finally when she enteredpolitics she did not ever aim to secure a post or grab power. Vo: While her husband Rajiv Gandhi as an pilotwas engaged in flying airplanes, she busied herself looking after her children.First misfortune took place in the family. Sanjay Gandhi did in an air crash.His death extremely saddened. She tooksolace in Rajiv Gandhi. When Rajiv Gandhi contested election from Ametiparliamentary constituency, Sonia was with him like a show. While she did nottake interest in politics, she attached herself with people of Ameti. Her language was never a barrier. Bite: Even today we cherish those ideals whichGandhi ji, Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv also cherished. Vo: Fate is a wheel around which we all revolve.No body knew that this wheel of destiny will turn gloomy suddently. The morning of 31 October 11984 became ahistoric date for India.Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was shot down by her body guards. Everything came to halt except the wheel ofdestiny. Rajiv Gandhi on one hand wasdrowned in sorrow for the loss of mother on the other hand the responsibilityof the country came on his shoulders. Rajiv Gandhi became Prime Minister of India. Once again she being notinterested in politics he came very much closer to the politics. On her husband becoming Prime Minister sheworked as shadow in his busy schedule. But this did not last long. Rajiv Gandhi was busy in the party campaignfor mid term polls. He was assassinated by Tamil terrorists on 21 May1991. Aggrieved Smt Gandhi confinedherself to the house. The party and the people continued to demand for heractive entry in the politics. At lastshe took over command of the party in 1998. She was faced with challenges to infuse new strength in the demoralizedparty. In the meantime elections becamedue in five states. All surveys assured that the party would win. But the results brought disappointment. Without loosing heart he continued to work upthe party. In defeat she searched forthe clues to gain success. As she workedfurther for the party, attacks on her become more pronounced. NDA leaders gaveup all decency. Sonia Gandhi determined to face the accusations thrown at her. On 4 February 2004 the Delhi High Courtpronounced judgment that former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was innocent. Alas!he was not there to hear this truth. Bite: I understand this is victory of the trust. Itis a victory of Rajiv. I do notunderstand that those who indulged in vicious campaign will not say somethingor talk of apologizing. It was aconspiracy against a person who was simple and innocent. He was an honest and dedicated to work forthe country. But those conspiratorswanted to bring him down. Vo: Sonia Gandhi silenced the opposition whocalled her foreigner.Bite: People come and go. Letthem criticize me. But the way mybridal party came here 31years earlier the same way my funeral will alsostarted from this land itself. No bodycan deprive me of this right. 22 Vo: In the 1960s Rajiv Gandhi went to Britainfor education. He met there SoniaGandhi. Both liked each other and tookoath of remain to remain together for life. In 1968 they got married. Sheadopted India. She became one with Indian tradition. She was married into a house which was inpolitics for the last five generations. He attached herself to the traditionsof the house. She bore children and Indira Gandhi became grandmother. She completely dedicated herself to thefamily. She adjusted herself according to the time and necessity. She did not allow her individual wishes tostand in the way of time and conditions of the country. Vo: In the heart of Sonia Gandhiresides dream of Rajiv Gandhi’s India.She has seen the picture of development of India through the vision of RajivGandhi. She is engaged in chalking outplans for taking Indiainto the 21st century. Shehas given a new dimensions to the politics of alliance. She has abided by thealliance. As a leader of the UPA alliance she has worked out a broad plan forthe development of the country. Having decided upon the priority areas she hasprepared under common minimum programme. She has emphasized upon the importanceof empowerment. Upliftment of the women, beneficial programmes for farmers, newopportunities for employment and important for her. Bite: Vo: Sonia Gandhi started her political careerfrom the Parliamentary constituency of her husband - Ameti. The same Ameti in whose heart lives Rajiv Gandhi and with whose streetsand villages he was associated. She didnot limit the old association only up to Ameti. When Rahul Gandhi entered politics she gave the responsibility of Ametito him. She took upon herself Rai Barelli which was dutifully served by IndiraGandhi and Feroz Gandhi. She reinforcedthe ancient principle of Service as the highest good. She established goodtradition in politics. Service forpolitics, emergence of bright Indiawas the dream of Pandit Nehru. It waspush forward by Indira Gandhi. RajivGandhi vision saw it as a power India.Sonia Gandhi is further taking Indiaforward. We are emphasizing on employmentopportunities. We are in favour of better deal for the farmers. We are for equality and equal opportunitiesfor all. We are giving special attentionfor the OBCs and Minorities.

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