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Woman gives birth on bus

The driver is sending her to hospital after hearing her cry but she can't hold any longer.

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At 8 o'clock in the morning the day before yesterday, the Xindu District the Guihu bus 666 bus drivers YOU Zhi Asahi, in the car, a pregnant woman about to labor, flashing emergency lights, according to the speaker, all the way to speeding, retrograde, rejection, red light ...... but this pregnant women or can not wait for the final production car. YOU Zhi Xu correct response, not only let the pregnant women in the post-natal one minute rushed to the hospital, but also saved the lives of the mother and child.

The · · startling 15 minutes

8 am suddenly water broke

7:00 in the morning the day before over rental in new capital Xinmin town 39-year-old pregnant woman, Wang Liying felt some pain in the stomach, so bring the 3-year-old son to get on the bus, ready to do checks to Chengdu Medical College.

7:55, the bus drove action, The Liying feeling belly began to pain. Intended forbearance and tolerance, but the car just after the first station, Wang Liying cried out in pain, and amniotic fluid flow to the car. The passengers on board have asked Wang Liying pain speechless. At this time, she heard the driver shouting: "Which passengers quickly help to hit 120 before the ambulance came, I 120! I now run directly to the hospital." The passengers on board one against. The passenger opened the window and saw the ambulance waving. And one of the passengers to their children's blankets handed Wang Liying around. Twice as fast as the speed of the bus than usual, sped to the hospital.

8:19 a successful childbirth

8:13, she had felt the birth of the baby's head, if not quickly taken out of the child, the child may suffocate. She is a stingy seize the fence, the other hand tried to children dragged out. Minutes later, when her dripping wet baby caught out, the people in the car all stunned. 3-year-old son, surprised to see her mother suddenly appeared out of the hands of dolls, stunned for a minute.

8:15 ambulance transit

"Wow -" a cry of the baby, so the driver and passengers breathed a sigh of relief. At this time, the whole car desperately waved down a passing ambulance stopped. 8:15, Wang Liying mother and child passengers and medical personnel to help turn on the ambulance rushed to the hospital kilometers. Reporter car video to see all experienced only 15 minutes!

Interrupted parties

Bus Driver: very sensible very calm

Yesterday, YOU Zhi Xu said in an interview with reporters, then still feel shocked and distressed, but he considers himself very sensible and very calm. It all stems from the company's long-term bus incident response training. "I just met, I believe that other colleagues if you encounter disposal will like me."

15:00 yesterday, the reporter went to Xindu District Chengdu Medical College Hospital obstetric No. 32-bed, Wang Liying was lying in bed, newborn son was lying asleep beside her pillow. According to the attending physician, the child is a boy, 7 pounds 3 two sent in a timely manner, the mother and son in good shape and would be discharged on the 14th. That the child was in the car after the birth of waiting time is too long, the mother and child are life-threatening.

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