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How can a Spanish politician Bin Laden?
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(Google-translated from German)

It is remarkable how the dead shall live permanently in order to justify the "war on terror" to be. Osama bin Laden is dead since December 2001, buried in Nirvana, there is no single sign of life from him, all the "messages" for almost 9 years have proven fakes. Therefore, the Americans also find the "most wanted terrorists" is not, there are no photos showing him and the FBI had to invent one.

All intelligence experts know that Bin Laden is dead, and therefore the war in Afghanistan, which is motivated by his quest is a lie. Even U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates confirmed that the United States for years SATISFIED with any useful intelligence about the whereabouts of bin Laden. Hello, which has crumbled to dust, the whole world is on the person no longer exists fucked.

The FBI has published a new computer-generated mug shot of bin Laden, might just as he now apparently look like. And now it turns out that the "template" for this mug shot, a photo of a Spanish politician. In any case, the hair is completely identical, all waves and curls are exactly the same! Birth is both 1957

Click to view image: 'Usama-Llamazares'

But not only the hair are the same, the brow and the crease from temple to temple were taken over by Llamazares, almost half her face.

The photo, which the FBI uses for bin Laden, dating from an election poster of Gaspar Llamazares in the 2004 elections. The apes have simply taken by the FBI with Photoshop's hair Llamazares 1 to 1 and copied to the head of bin Laden. Nix mit künstlicher Alterung durch Computersimulation. Nothing artificial aging by computer simulation. Was sind das nur für Amateure und Idioten? What are these just for amateurs and idiots?

Director of Science and Technology Division of the FBI, said on 14 January 2009 with the publication: "The pictures are an important example of how scientific and technological progress is used to locate fugitives and bring them to justice." That's a laughing stock, which simply use with Photoshop and "copy & paste" the head of someone else?

Gaspar Llamazares is a well-known Spanish left-wing politician and member of the Communist Party of Spain. It shows the UI as an alternate candidate for the post of prime minister for second term. "It was on all the billboards in Spain, on all fences, it is an official image," says one of the party. Now the party from the U.S. authorities want to know-how they come to his portrait for an artificial mug shot of bin Laden to take.

How do you feel if the image of one's own hair and the face on the mug shot of the FBI about the "top terrorists" Bin Laden appears in all the world's media?

Gaspar Llamazares says, "Bin Laden's security is not compromised, but would say so. How come the FBI to use my image to?" The deputy and former General Coordinator of IU, said that until recently, he went reluctantly to America, but from now on he will not go into this country because it "leads to trouble." His concern about this matter is that this kind of relates to the use of photos "people who are not under a judicial proceeding or have committed a crime."

Moreover, the question arises: "What does the image of a political leader in the FBI files?" I hope this is the chance to prove their incompetence," he added. Meanwhile, an FBI spokesman admitted that the authority has used the photograph of Llamazares, a sketch of the most wanted terrorist in the world to draw.

The Spanish Foreign Ministry was asked to require explanations from the U.S. government. It is also expected that the Home Office will review with the European police, whether the photo was taken from Google or comes from FBI files. Llamazares expected an explanation or a phone call from U.S. Ambassador in Madrid and says, "it's the least they can do."

The legal services of the European United Left will examine how they intend to proceed, whether a legal complaint against the violation of personal rights of the deputies.

It is not the first time that the oh-so-serious media (laugh) unaudited a photo spread and serve as a propaganda organ for the warmongers.

See my article: "A false picture of Neda is used for propaganda," or this article "How the media reporting on Iran to forge"

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