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'Kissing, sex acts and grape soda': Court hears graphic account of 40-year-old gym teacher's 'affair with student, 15'

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Graphic details about the steamy two-year sexual affair between a high school student and his gym teacher were revealed as the case continues a decade after their many dalliances.

The student, whose name has not been released because he was 15 at the time of the affair, said how the teacher brought grape soda along with them on their first romantic camping trip so that she could drink it after performing a sex act on him.

Tania Pontbriand, the gym teacher who denies having had sex with the then-teenage boy between 2002 and 2004, was not put on the stand in the latest round of questioning.

Charged: Tania Pontbriand, 40, is accused of having a two-year sexual relationship with a then-teenaged student

Close: The 15-year-old student, who has not been named, said that she made it clear that he was her favorite student

Instead, her defence team questioned the now-25-year-old man about the details of their affair in hopes of finding inaccuracies and dicounting his testimony.

Pontbriand, now 40, was arrested in 2008 and is seeking to have all charges dropped.

During his Wednesday court appearance, the victim talked about how he was clearly Pontbriand's 'favorite' when he was a student at Rosemère High School in Quebec.

He said that she would regularly sit on his desk while talking to the class and that she used him as a part of demonstrations, including one for CPR.

Damage: Pontbriand, seen with the unnamed victim, said that her reputation and career as a gym teacher has been damaged because of the trial

Frequent: The victim said that the pair had sex between 200 and 300 times over a two year period from 2002 to 2004

Her defence lawyers took issue with the detail about her 2-liter bottle of grape soda that she reportedly brought on their camping trip because it was not included in prior accounts. The victim said that he only remembered it recently because he just started going to a pizzeria that offered a grape soda and it prompted the memory.

Pontbriand testified in September and had a breakdown over the emotional cost of the trial.

Tania Pontbriand, 40, is accused of having sex with one of her students

While talking about how the trial has effected her career as a gym teacher, she hyperventilated and shook.

She told the St Jerome court: 'I have completely lost my reputation,. Everybody knows me. They talk about me in social media around the world.

'It's saddening when my son asks me if he can go to his friend's house and I tell him, "Not now".

'I'm afraid of the parents finding out who I am through the media and they'll stop allowing to let him play with my son at school.'

The alleged victim told police that Pontbriand had sex with him between 200 and 300 times when he was between 15 and 17 years old.

Her position of authority over him means he was legally unable to consent to the relationship.

Trembling: Pontbriand took to the stand on Wednesday and broke down while she was giving evidence

Defence: Her lawyer is arguing that it's taken too long to bring the case to trial and she is being denied the right to a speedy trial

A report by the local school board found that the teacher took advantage of the boy's vulnerability since he was emotionally fragile and possibly suicidal at the time, according to the Toronto Sun.

Pontbriand, who was 30 at the time the affair started, was said to have taken the boy on camping trips to try to bond with him and this is when the alleged sex took place.

At the center of the trial is forensic evidence as her DNA was said to be found in the boy's sleeping bag

Breaking down in tears on the witness stand, Pontbriand said the trial caused her to miss her five-year-old child's first day of kindergarten.

She also has a three-year-old child.

Scene: The pair met when she was his gym teacher at Rosemère High School in Quebe

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