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Are they really changing education or renaming it to suit who it really targets!! - Immigrants AKA ESE-A

I am getting a sudden raft of statements and position papers on how to reform the Elementary and Secondary Education Act/No Child Left Behind Act. Here is one of the most detailed. Pour yourself a cup of coffee as there is a lot to sift through in this piece from the Democrats for Education Reform. I am putting it all up for your perusal as I think the changes to this law will be important. As I get more detailed recommendations for reforms, I will post.

Democrats for Education Reform joined a coalition of 18 advocacy, civil rights, and policy study organizations today who submitted a set of recommendations to the President and Congress regarding the reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.

“This statement of principles makes it clear that there is broad support for a new ESEA that invests in fundamental education reform, promotes innovation, builds human capital, and continues to holds schools accountable for results,” said Charles Barone, Director of Federal Policy at Democrats for Education Reform. “Part and parcel of this effort must be decisive action to fundamentally restructure schools and school systems that are chronically low-performing.”

Overall, the group endorses the direction the Obama Administration is taking to school reform. The signees ask the Administration to maintain and elaborate the bright lines in federal law around accountability and teacher quality and effectiveness, and couple that with a competitive grant strategy that invests in and rewards states that are ready, willing, and able to step up their education reform efforts, including reconstituting, restarting, converting, or shutting down the lowest-performing schools.

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