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NEW - AK-200 aka AK-12 Assault Rifle

Mikhail Kalashnikov, the creator of legendary AK-47 at 0:50
Gun itself at 1:42

Mikhail Kalashnikov says: I see our weapons, my weapons but the tags are not ours... made in China, made in Bulgaria, made in Hungary.... what a shame. (says to the Russian president lol)

Introducing the AK-200. The primary changes to the traditional AK-47 are a
60 round magazine, folding stock, rail system, and a bipod/handguard.
Its control mechanism have been ergonomically honed such that
single-hand operation is possible. This means an injured soldier can
stay in the fight with only one good hand.

The rail system will make the gun compatible with modern firearms
accessories, a major upgrade over the older AK models that were not easy
to fit with lights, sights, and other additions.

AK-200 possible calibers will include 5.45mm, 5.56mm NATO, 7.62×39mm and a new caliber that has not yet been announced. Some gun enthusiasts have offered
that the new caliber may be the 6.5mm Grendel, but that is unconfirmed.
The Izhmash munitions plants — the grand-daddy of Kalashnikov
production — is set to begin producing the AK-12 in 2012 (hence the name
change from AK-200).

The gas operation system may receive some last minute tweaks, and the
AK-200 will be available in a range of sizes, including a carbine model
for Spetznaz troops.

description is from this post

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