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Islamists Not Responsible For Sinai Attack On Egyptian Soldiers


This article is a collection of statements from various jihad networks denying responsibility for the attack which killed 16 Egyptian border guards. The statements also denounce the attack and also concur with wide spread rumours that the attack was carried out by foreign interests.

I am not going to discuss exactly or why these attacks were carried out when we have multiple proofs from local jihad networks that the attack was not carried out by 'islamists' or 'islamic militants'.

( - Statement of denying any relation of killing the Egyptian soldiers by Majlis Shura Al-Mujahidin in the environs of Bayt Al-Maqdis.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Fursan Al-Balagh MediaTranslation department presents

The English Translation of The Statement byMajlis Shura Al-Mujahidinin the environs of Bayt Al-Maqdis.


بيان نفي أي صِلة بمقتل الجنود المصريين

Statement of denying any relation ofkilling the Egyptian soldiers

In the light of the serious and rapid developments regarding what happened on the evening of

Sunday 17 Ramadan 1433 A.H. of targeting one of the headquarters of the Egyptian army in

northern Sinai, which killed and wounded several soldiers there, and what followed that of

attempts to randomly accusing the sincere mujahidin who don't hesitate to strike the enemies

of Allah the Jews, we confirm the following:

1. We in Majlis Shura Al-Mujahidin in the environs of Bayt Al-Maqdis have nothing to do from

near or far with the attack that targeted the Egyptian army on the borders with occupied

Palestine on 2012-08-05.

2. We are very surprised of some of the media outlets that repeatedly accused Majlis Shura

Al-Mujahidin or the Jihadi groups that act against the Jews without any evidence except what

has been mentioned by the spokesman of the Zionist army Avichay Adraee, and we call everyone

to seek credibility in reporting news, and be cautious of suspicious sources, and paid


3. We emphasize our refusal of accusing the oppressed Palestinian people of being behind

everything that is happening it Egypt, for that to be an excuse to tighten the siege and grip

on the Muslims there, it is incomprehensible that before the investigation or knowing the

party that stands behind the attack that the Rafah Border Crossing is being closed for "an

indefinite period" despite that it is an international passage where all the known security

procedures are practices there.

4. We warn all the concerned authorities not to be engaged in igniting the fire of a war which

we think that no one needs it, and we denounce the calls of conducting an unjust campaign

against the sincere mujahidin, who proved that their main goal is fighting the usurper Jews,

and everyone saw how the Egyptian army was avoided during attacking the Jewish forces in

"Ghazwa of supporting Al-Aqsa and the prisoners" on 2012-06-18.

(and Allah is the master of His affair, but most people do not know)

Your brothers in the Media Committee

of Majlis Shura Al-Mujahidin in the environs of Bayt Al-Maqdis

Monday 18 Ramadan 1433 A.H.

Corresponding 2012-08-06

Source: Ibn Taymiyyah Media Center

Statement from “Al-Salafiya Al-Jihadiya in Sinai” regarding the aggressive military campaign on Sinai

(But indeed if any do help and defend himself after a wrong (done) to them against such there is no cause of blame) 41 Surah Ash-Shura

الحمد لله رب العالمين و الصلاة و السلام على المبعوث رحمة للعالمين و على آله و صحبه و سلم تسليماً كثيراً إلي يوم الدين، ثم أما بعد ...

- More than a year and a half have passed after the revolution… for more than a year and a half the personnel of the Egyptian army were present on the roads, streets, facilities and stores… for more than a year and half no personnel and soldiers of the Egyptian army were subject to any harm.

- All that period and before it and we planned and prepared with our arms with us to harm the Jews and do what has been imposed by Allah from jihad against them and resisting their oppression and their violation on the land of the Muslims, sanctities and the people of Islam in Palestine and the rest of the Muslim lands occupied by the Jews… we never raised our arms in the face of the Egyptian army with the capability of doing that and its easiness and the spread of the Egyptian without cover… at the same time the Jihadi groups in Sinai launched strikes to the Zionist enemy starting with the blowing up of the gaps pipelines to striking the Zionist forces in Umm Al-Rashrash (Eilat) to launching various rockets on the entity and targeting their vehicles and many of the operations that were blacked out by the Zionist Israeli media before the Zionist Egyptian and Arab media… all that and no Egyptian soldier was harmed.

- No one targeted the Egyptian soldiers and killed them in cold blood except the Zionist enemy itself in the same timing in the last year… but that is nothing for the leaderships of the army, media and the Egyptian army… When the Zionists kill the Egyptians in broad day light without any doubt in their crime and even with their recognition of it when that happens the blood of the Egyptian soldiers’ turns to water and there is no value for them and the state doesn’t rise up and the army doesn’t take the revenge it is a simple thing… But when the Egyptian soldiers are killed today and they don’t know the committer and all the evidence and events are in the interest of the same old killer then the accusation is stuck to a whole stream and with no investigation or proof and the army roars demanding revenge from those who are suspected in the accusation and the Egyptian Zionist media machine shivers to charge the people with lies and allegations.

- Then that is followed by an oppressive aggressive campaign without investigation or proof on the people of Sinai and the tribes in general seeking assistance of the former State Security officers and in the same previous brutal and unjust method of storming the homes of the secure according to what??? Are these raids according to investigations and proofs??? No we swear by Allah but according to the former State Security files and who was chasing them and imprisoning them unjustly and falsely and everyone know that.

- With these oppressed the campaign launches to the real goal which is all centers of the youth who were preparing to resist and do jihad against the Zionist enemy who never raised a weapon against the army or the people but rather against the enemy only… barbarian attacks by shelling and direct killing unfortunately executing the goal of the Zionist enemy by eliminating everyone who is working for his jihad and resistance making the weapons prepared for the Jews as against the army and the people and the question is when was these weapons directed against the Egyptian army???

- It is still continuous the blood is shed everyday by suspicion… terrorizing the secure everyday without guilt and this clear injustice and brutal aggression pushes everyone to repel… repelling the aggression and this is what we warn from and seek to avoid it this isn’t our battle and our war isn’t with you that’s why our first message is to you:

* to the leaders of the Egyptian army (its political and military leadership), and its officers and soldiers… prevent the bloodshed that flow and will flow if this aggression continuous since you are dragging us to a battle that isn’t our battle… don’t keep yourselves a barrier between us and our goal and Zionist enemy since our weapons isn’t directed towards you and you know that and our might is intense on our enemy and the enemy have saw that in Umm Al-Rashrash (Eilat) and other he tasted our might in its elite forces and pride of its army so we don’t want our might to turn to you for any reason… have mercy over the soldiers whom you keep as fuel for a battle that you have not interest in fear Allah in yourselves and your soldiers and in this country.

* and our second message is to the wise from the Ulema, politicians and people of opinion in this country: Don’t stand idly before what is happening… don’t be terrorized by the ready canned accusations of supporting terror and extremism rein you from saying the truth… so where is the truth from what is happening now… how is the accused punished if the accused is originally without investigation and evidence.

How do you let the country sink in this oppression and that the army of your country turns to a block that protects the Zionist enemy whom they prepared to make them taste the penalty of their deeds and the cost of their actions and crimes… so fear Allah… fear Allah and don’t conceal the truth and be like a mute Satan.

* Finally our message to proud Egyptian people: Our people and brothers don’t be dragged behind this ferocious campaign that is lead by the Zionist Egyptian media and its magicians… who turn the truth to false and the false to truth… don’t you see that they turned the Zionist enemy to a friend that some want to spoil our relations with him… and turned the Palestinian brother to an enemy whom they want us to siege and prevent them aid and support and even to fight him if that was possible… be cautious of this lying hypocrite media who want to plant the enmity between them and your sons the mujahidin who lift the banner of dignity of the Ummah against the Zionist aggression and who never raised a weapon in the face of the their people from the Egyptian people and its army… your see our documented operations and our preserving of blood in it and see the treachery of the our enemy and your enemy and its targeting to our blood and your blood…

Stand with your sons the mujahidin on the path of retrieving our Ummah’s lost pride and raising the banner of Lā ʾIlāha ʾIllà l-Lāh.

Wa Akhir Dawana An Alhamdulillah Rabb Al-Alamin

A joint statement issued by Jamaat Jundullah in Palestine and Dawat Al-Haq Institution regarding the incident of killing of the Egyptian soldiers

We have received with deep shock the news of killing of the Egyptian soldiers in the Egyptian Rafah city, and we condemn this act that is contrary to all the policies and guidelines of the Salafi Jihadi stream and has nothing to do with it and we confirm the following:

1. Salafi Jihadi stream is part of the sons of the Ummah that defend its religion, land, honor, pride, dignity and do jihad for the sake of Allah so that it may live a decent life.

2. The arms of the Salafi Jihadi stream in Palestine is aimed only at the enemies of the Ummah the Zionists, and the ascending of tens of martyrs during the past days, months and years is an proof on that, and any act that is contrary to that the sons of the Salafi Jihadi stream cannot be criminalized for and its committer bears the responsibility alone.

3. The leaders of the Salafi Jihadi stream emphasized repeatedly in their video and audio speeches from the martyr sheikh Osama bin Laden and Dr. Aymen Al-Zawahiri on the sanctity of the blood of Muslims and the suspending executing of any operation that might lead to harming the Muslims and here we repeat the words of martyr sheikh Ateyatalla “May our groups, organizations and project perish rather than have the blood of one Muslim shed by our hands”.

4. The Egyptian people and the Palestinian people no one can separate between them and cause enmity and hatred among them and the Egyptians love for jihad against Israel is not lesser than the Palestinians.

5- We warn of a dangerous conspiracy between Egyptian and Israeli security parties that aim secure the Zionist entity and prevent any Jihadi act against the state of occupation.

Our Egyptian people Our Palestinian people Our Ummah:

Your sons the mujahidin will only be a sword on the Zionist enemy and servants to you so that you may live a proud decent life.

Jamaat Jundullah in Palestine


Dawat Al-Haq Institution

Monday 2012-08-06 corresponding 18 Ramadan 1433 A.H.

Google quotes and pick your sources (I already listed one)

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