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How false allegations ruined my fathers life/suicide

This is not my personal story, but from someone who gave me permission to post it.


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Just thought I'd share a story here about my personal life and how false accusations of a sex crime resulted in the loss of my fathers job, his lively hood, and resulted in his eventual suicide.

This all started around 1996, I was on my way home from school (I was 10 years old) and was about to enter the house, the police came there on bicycles (some sort of bicycle patrol) and I didn't pay much attention to it at first, went inside and my dads standing there with a crazy look on his face at the basement door with a rifle in his hand. I ask him what he's doing and he says "I'm just cleaning it", I run out yelling "dad's got a gun!" and the police bust in, he's barricading himself in the house and backup is called. My dad is arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon (on a police officer) despite the fact he never raised the gun to the police, and under suspicion for lewd acts with a minor.

I have absolutely no idea what's going on nor does my brother, my mother is shaken and my brother and I are completely confused.

I think it was a few days later and my mother said that DCFS wanted to talk to my brother and I and she told us basically what to say that if we were to say anything wrong, that our dad would be in prison for a long time.

I remember going to the DCFS building and there was a room I was lead into with children's toys and one of those 2 way mirrors. There was a lady and she had a tape recorder and basically asked me a few things about my father and asked questions like "Has your father ever touched you?" "How has he touched you?" "Has he ever showered with you?" "Has he ever showed you his peepee?" "Has he ever slept with you?" I answered "No" to every question. It wasn't a No as in the information was not true but a "No" that the information would be taken out of context and used to convict my father and land him in prison. I may have been 10 years old but i wasn't stupid.

Of course parents do things that could be taken out of context, there were several times my mother or father slept with me if I had nightmares just to make sure I'd fall back asleep and then would leave the room, there was nothing sexual about that. This was when I was younger, had I said "Yes", that's the only answer DCFS would have needed.

I had wet the bed until I was 9 years old and parents used to clean me up in the bathtub or the shower if I had to go to school and they were dropping me off and we didn't have time to take individual showers, again, nothing sexual about that, but taken out of context and it sounds wrong in front of the DCFS.

My father never acted sexual or did anything to myself or my brother, if anything, he was the one paranoid of other sex offenders in the area and making sure the family was safe.

What happened in the end? The allegations ruined him, he was working a job making 90,000 a year for a drug company downtown, he lost everything after the allegation and was diagnosed bipolar and had to be put on social security

The incident also resulted in my father losing his firearm rights and the right to vote after a felony conviction for the assault charge which would have never happened has he been accused of a sex crime. His FOID card was revoked and 15 firearms were destroyed, no compensation, nothing.

His lawyer told him he was lucky to have gotten the plea bargain he did, he served time and was nearly killed.

What luck? Lost a couple thousand dollars on a lawyer, lost his job, lost time sitting in jail, his firearm rights and voting rights?

Where did the report come from?

According to the cook county police report, the report was by someone in a support group my dad attended. It was a group for people who had been sexually abused by their parents as a child and apparently my dad had made a statement that was taken out of context that was reported as "I shower with my children", this resulted in a DCFS investigation and police filing charges that resulted in the whole thing.

My dad became depressed and eventually in 2003, ended up committing suicide in March.

Had these allegations never occurred, my dad would still be working his job and we'd have lived a life where bills were paid and decent home conditions, he would have had his rights and would likely still be alive today.

That's my story.

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