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Israel to treat 'stray dogs and cats' for rocket trauma

BBSNews 2009-01-05 -- By Michael Hess. With the inhumane treatment given to Gazans who have been under siege for more than 18 months comes a new insult, Israel will treat stray pets for trauma from militant rocket fire.

I love pets as much as the next person, my wife and I have many and livestock. But I was horrified to read a piece in Yedioth this evening, even as the ground assault on Gaza's civilians intensifies, that Israel is going to now help pay for medical treatment of Israeli cats and dogs affected by militant rocket fire:

" light of the fact that like their human owners, pets in Israel's south are also under the constant rocket threat, the Agriculture Ministry has decided it would help pay for the medical care of dogs and cats injured by rocket fire from Gaza."

Hamas rocket fire at civilians is a crime against humanity, even as Israel's brutal siege for the last 18 months or so, the use of phosphorous and cluster bombs in densely packed civilian areas is also a war crime.

The only rational conclusion is that Israeli's, or at least their officials, believe that Palestinian lives are so cheap, that instead of pushing for peace and an end to the brutal occupations that for decades have precluded it, instead conflict will be maintained and stray cats and dogs - "According to Ben-Dov, the ministry will also consider funding the treatment of street cats and dogs without owners." - will be afforded greater protection than Gaza's civilian population.

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