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Israelis take to the streets in renewed social justice protests

Thousands gather in Tel Aviv's Rabin Square; rallies throughout country held under banner 'Returning the country to the citizens'.
More rallies held nationwide. Similar rallies were held throughout the world on Saturday in "Global May," an international day of protest marking the anniversary of the protest in Puerta del Sol, Madrid, where a massive people’s assembly took control of the famous square in 2011.
"The message is one against the political system that does not count the citizens," Orli Barlev, a rally organizer, told Haaretz. "What we saw this week [the unity government deal] were moves that resulted from personal interests of power and control."

"This government has greatly deepened social gaps," she continued.

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Social protest is back? Thousands of Israelis gathered Saturday evening at Tel Aviv's Rabin Square for a rally activists characterized as the opening shot of a renewed nationwide social protest.

Earlier in the day, demonstrators marched from various locations across the city, before meeting at the Square for the evening's main event. The protestors held signs calling for "sane housing prices," greater equality, and the initiation of a "Hebrew spring" – referring to last year's Arab world upheaval known as the "Arab spring."

Protest marches in Tel Aviv began in the Shapira, Levinsky, and Hatikva neighborhoods, before uniting and continuing on to Rabin Square. Demonstrators chanted "We want justice, not charity" and "Taking from the poor, giving to the rich, what a country of corruption".

Rallies were to be held in cities throughout Israel, including Jerusalem, Haifa, Kiryat Shmona, Nahriya, Pardes Hanna, and Eilat, under the banner of "Returning the country to the citizens".

Some protestors attempted to block roads in the area. At least nine people were detained at the site by police.

Last summer, a social justice protest movement swept Israel, with tent encampments sprouting up in cities throughout the country and weekly demonstrations that grew to include hundreds of thousands of people.

Earlier this week, around 1,000 people held a protest in Tel Avivagainst the unity deal that was reached between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Kadima leader Shaul Mofaz.,7340,L-4228084,00.html

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