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"Duke of Germany" nabbed for taking shower in stranger's home

Man Told Police He's Duke Of Germany

By Jennifer Mayerle, CBS Atlanta Reporter
POSTED: 10:23 pm EDT June 30, 2010
UPDATED: 9:55 am EDT July 1, 2010

ROSWELL, Ga. -- There was a bizarre break-in at a home on Hardscrable Trail in Roswell on Wednesday afternoon.
“Did not know the man, don't know him now, don't want to know him,” said Clarence Kenn.

Kenn came home to find a back window broken out and someone still inside the house.

Kenn told the officers that he entered the home and heard someone in his bathroom, taking a shower, behind a closed door. He asked the man, identified as Aaron Dean Lutterbie, what he was doing. Kenn said the man answered through the closed door, 'My name is Travis, and I am taking a shower'.

“He had taken a shower or bath when he came in the house because he was still in the bathroom. I just asked him who did he think he was and what was he doing in our house,” said Kenn.

Kenn grabbed his two dogs and called police. The SWAT team showed up and forced the man out. Kenn's wife, Kaye, had been at work during all the commotion.

“The first thing he says is, ‘I'm throwing that towel and wash cloth away. I am throwing it away,’” said Kaye.
Then she learned who had broken in.

“The guy says he's the duke of Germany and he has a right to be there in our house,” said Kaye.

Kaye admits she feels a little violated knowing the man went through her closet, and she still wants some answers about how this all happened.

“Why my house? Why is he there? What made him pick our house out of all the houses on the block?” said Kaye.
Through it all, the couple is trying to find humor in the serious situation.

“I was glad he didn't hurt our dogs,” said Kenn.
“I just hope David Letterman doesn't pick it up. It's bizarre, man takes shower and is arrested,” said Kaye.

Lutterbie was questioned at the Roswell City Jail on Wednesday night. He was also being checked out to evaluate his mental state of mind.

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