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Latest On East Coast Nuke Scare From Infowars

Anthony Gucciardi from Infowars brings us the latest information
about the nuclear blackmail threatened by South Carolina Senator
Lyndsey Graham if America doesn’t attack Syria and confirmed by high
level military sources of nuclear weapons being taken from Dyess Air
Force Base in Texas and transferred to the US East Coast. Even Doug
Hagmann has warned that we are now entering the most dangerous time in modern world history by sharing this.:

“Understand this: the globalist objectives have not changed. The
absence of popular support just makes this whole situation much more
dangerous, and raises the possibility of ‘false flag events’ of similar
historical precedent to change public opinion. Something much bigger
than we’ve seen to date. People are just not thinking big enough.”

On Tuesday of this week, Anthony Gucciardi and Alex Jones had shared high level military intelligence
that exposed the unsigned transfer of nuclear warheads to South
Carolina. Hours after they had received that information, Senator
Lindsay Graham was reported in the MSM of warning of a nuclear attack in
South Carolina if America does not start a war with Syria. Anthony
feels that Infowars and the alternative media may now be sitting on
some of the most dangerous intelligence that they have ever received.

In order to get more answers on this nuclear scare, Anthony called
Dyess Air Force base. Strangely, when he asked about ‘transfers’ from
the base, the representative told him that she could not comment on
‘weapons transfers’. Take notice that Anthony never even said one word
about weapons. In fact, according to Anthony, it would be much more
likely that he was calling about personnel transfers. Check out the
entire call yourself now and please let us know what you think about
this perilous unfolding story.

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