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UKIP Condemned by Its Founder as New Euro MEP Expenses Scandal Erupts

May 16, 2009

In a development which has shaken the UKIP party to its roots, that party’s founder Dr Alan Sked has condemned it as being no different to the other parties which have swindled the taxpayers through their bogus expenses claims.

Writing in the Daily Telegraph of May 15th, Dr Sked, who founded UKIP in 1993, said that “(B)efore anyone takes up the advice that Lord Tebbit has given on radio not to vote in the European elections for the three main parties, perhaps we should be shown the expenses claimed by MEPs of the minor parties represented at Brussels.

“Two people elected as UKIP MEPs last time have been indicted for fraud,” Dr Sked wrote. “Why should a vote for their party serve better than a vote for the major parties?”

The condemnation of UKIP by its founder could not have come at a worse time for that party. A secret internal inquiry by the European Parliament has found widespread abuse of expenses by Members of the European Parliament, where UKIP currently has ten members. The main criminal activities employed by MEPs centres on employing fictitious staff or unqualified family members.

Europe’s anti-fraud watchdog has launched an investigation after learning about the audit which was kept under wraps by the MEPs who were shown the damning report at a secret location.

In other words, the UKIP, Labour and Tory MEPs have all seen the report - but have kept absolutely quiet about it, because it exposes them all as yet another extension of the Swillminster feeding trough.

The inquiry centres on misuse of the annual parliamentary assistants’ allowance of £130,000 available to all 785 MEPs to pay staff - a total of more than £100 million.

Franz Bruner, Director-General of OLAF, the EU’s internal anti-fraud squad, confirmed that he was launching an inquiry and had demanded to see the audit report by the end of this week.

In one case staff working for one MEP received a Christmas bonus worth 19 times their monthly salary.

This report provides the answer as to why none of the UKIP MEPs have ever made their expenses claims open to public audit, despite undertaking to do so.

Sources say that when the details contained in the new report are finally released to the media, they will show that the UKIP party has been neck deep in the expenses scandal as well, on a scale which will dwarf even that of the Westminster scandal.

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