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The power of voting BNP

March 16, 2009 by Martin Wingfield
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Gordon Brown called for “British Jobs for British Workers” at the GMB trade union conference back in June 2007 he had no intention of implementing any such policy. It was just a cheap con-trick to try to hoodwink traditional Labour voters into believing that there was something of Old Labour values still left in his Party.

Brown had hoped that he could stem the tide of growing support for the British National Party by mouthing a few platitudes to Britain’s working folk but now, nearly two years on, he knows that this strategy hasn’t worked.

Today, Hazel Blears the Communities Secretary, will broach the subject again unveiling a new “migrant tax,” to be levied on immigrants applying for work visas from non-EU states. She plans to say: “While many migrants play an important role in our community, we need an honest debate about the local pressures that migration can create on our public services.”

The Tories too are getting in on the act with Damian Green, the shadow immigration minister, calling on the French Government to take action to stop “mini-Sangatte” welcome centres for illegal immigrants seeking to enter the UK. What weasel words from this colleague of Boris Johnson, the Conservative Mayor of London, whose call for an illegal immigrant amnesty has done more than anything else to encourage illegal immigration into Britain.

This latest spell of anti-immigration rhetoric from Labour and the Tories has been prompted by one thing only, and we are grateful to today’s Daily Telegraph for explaining it so succinctly: “Ministers hope that acknowledging the strain caused by immigration in some areas will stop voters being tempted by the British National Party at the European Elections in June.”

The Financial Times this morning also lifts the lid on the worries of the Establishment.
“There is widespread concern at Westminster that recessionary pressures on jobs and housing could help the BNP to exploit disaffection with Labour among manual workers in order to build an electoral base.”

And the Tories openly admit that its recent call for an annual cap on immigration has been prompted as “the best way to address the threat from the BNP.”

So there you have it. Further evidence that there is only one thing that can stir Government and Opposition politicians into action on immigration, and that is the growing electoral support for the British National Party.

Every voter in Britain has this power in their hand. Casting your vote for a British National Party candidate in any election where there is one standing is the only way to make the ‘Old Gang’ politicians listen. And if they don’t heed the wishes of the British people on this most important of issues, they know that there is one political party which will!

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