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Hit n run truck driver sent for execution for causing deaths of 4 students

He didn't stop to help and rescue the victims, causing deaths of 4 students in the accident, so the charge became intentional homicide.

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Three years ago, the the Jingyang County farmers king double baby driving a dump truck killed four high school students of the school on the road, 210 - Doumen King Traffic Accident "shocked the province.

3 years later, Wang Shuang baby calm in the ruling of the Supreme People's Court review of death sentences signing. Yesterday morning, Wang Shuang baby was executed, ending a 44-year life.


Executed seven hours yesterday morning after relatives knowing

On February 17 this year, the Supreme People's Court issued a ruling Wang Shuang baby death penalty review. In accordance with the provisions of the Code of Criminal Procedure, the receipt of the Supreme People's Court executed the command should be delivered within seven days perform 11:00 yesterday positively identified after Wang Shuang baby executed.

According to insiders, Wang Shuang baby together with the number of criminals are executed. Before execution, Wang Shuang baby hat for a new dress. In the afternoon of February 22, Wang Shuang baby friends and relatives of his wife and children met Wang Shuang baby one last time.

We are suddenly hearing the news, I did not expect so soon executed. "Yesterday afternoon, Wang Shuang baby, a relative told reporters that they just learned that 18:00 was unaware. The relatives met with Wang Shuang baby. Meet on the afternoon of February 22, in a hurry, across obstacles, both sides speak but also to listen to is not clear, Wang Shuang baby simple and wife exchange a few words, and told the children. "

According to their relatives speaking, informed news king double baby wife Wang Xiaojuan home crying more than the king of double baby octogenarian old mother not know the matter. Relatives out after the home due to the foreign debt also been not also on the Ground - also did not work properly .

Previously reported:

Wang Shuang baby to know will be dead very calm advised his son not to crazy car (Figure)

Wang Shuang baby case review of death sentences ruling has been issued had driving caused the four students killed

Xi'an Procuratorate this data, the accused Wang Shuang baby after the accident do not stop, will Jiahang Li, Rosa hybrida cv. Samantha dragging death of Wang Shuang baby in a traffic accident and two counts of intentional homicide prosecution. According to the the scene inquest transcripts and Zhu Yugang testimony of, Xi'an Intermediate People's Court said "sufficient to establish Rosa hybrida cv. Samantha Guhang Li and Zhang race, radius not in the same time, the death of the same place, but the accident car dragging death. [Details]

The court REVIEW

Fatigue driving killed four high school students

In the early morning of February 10, 2009, double baby driving large trucks from the Jingyang County Huxian transporting cement clinker. High school students to go to school in Doumen an enamel factory near hit, causing four deaths and one injury tragedy. Subsequently, Wang Shuang baby back to Jingyang County, holding the wife handed over 1,000 yuan to flee. Five days later, he returned to Jingyang, surrendered to the police.

During the trial, Wang Shuang baby argued that before the incident he was ten days in a row out of the bus, a bad break, twenty-three hours sleep a day. Nap time of the accident, did not hit a man when the consciousness. The court held that Wang Shuang baby voluntarily surrender, but brought to justice after the confession and other witnesses testimony does not match, you can not truthfully confessed under which he knows the car linked to the persons or things to escape the main facts of the crime and therefore should not be considered to constitute surrendered; knowing that the person trailer vehicle, still driving line fled the scene lead two students trailer 170 meters after the death, the objective implementation of the killings, intentional homicide.

November 17, 2010, the Xi'an Intermediate People's Court of First Instance to the Crime intentional homicide multiple crimes, Wang Shuang baby decided to implement the death penalty. His wife Wang Xiaojuan guilty of harboring the crime and was sentenced to two years, the son of Wang Zhe guilty of helping to destroy evidence sins but exempted from criminal punishment.

After the verdicts, Wang Shuang baby appeal. Said the incident, he did not know when to hang someone under the car, not the subjective intent, and voluntarily surrendered themselves, the original verdict sentencing overweight. On August 12, 2011, the High Court of Final Appeal dismissed Wang Shuang baby Appeals, upheld the conviction.

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